Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 12, 2014

this week was so great because we got to skype our parents and family and i just want to say i love you mom, i hope it was your day to shine yesterday and remind the family how much you do and try to remember that allways.

Although this week was really good we had been working with this member named gerrardo he is so awesome he is a members nephew and is living down here going to school. He has gone to church the last 4 weeks in a row and has a baptism date for the 24th so we are super excited about that and he told us yesterday he was too. Also we just started working with this girl named camilla she is really cool. She is a members daughter and before she hated the church and didnt want anything to do with us and then she got really sick and we asked if she wanted a blessing and so we did and like a day later she was super well and is blown away at the power of the priesthood and the church so she is our new investigator and we are excited for her upcoming growth.

now i just want to share what i have been studying this week and would incourage you guys to do it too i have been reading the gospel principles book (in spanish) but it as so many great scriptures and doctrine that is very simple so it is a good resource to teach with.

this week was really great though i just want to let you know i love you all so much and enjoyed talking to most of you yesterday. I hope you guys have a great week cause i know i will out here doing everything i can "a invitar a las personas a venir a cristo" (invite people to come unto christ). 

elder adams 

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5 2014

This week was so awesome it flew by so fast because we were teaching so much and getting so much done in our sector i am really excited for the people in our area but i also feel really bad for the other elders in our sector because they havent gotten very much success cause they are opening it back up so its hard at first but i know it will get better they just need to keep on the straight and narrow. Anyway everything went great i got my first baptism this week!!! it was probably one of the greatest experiences i have had on this earth. Her name is Deborah and she one of the strongest people i know she has been going to church for a year listened and has followed everything we have put in front of her and i have never been so sure about someones faith she is such an angel oh what a great lady to have has my first baptism. It went really good i said everything right the speakers did great the only thing is that when we both were in the water i was turned the opposite direction when they opened the doors i felt really dumb but the members know it was my first time so they laughed it off and then we completed her baptism. So after that first one made me really hungry for more so i am going to keep pushing to save some more souls oh man it is such a great feeling knowing that you might have made just the smallest rippel in the lake but by the end it makes a great distance.

elder adams

the first one is of this HUGE pomegranit (i have no idea how to spell that fruit even in english) a lady in our ward gave me and that is only a quarter of it.

the second one is of my comp elder butler with bird poop on him he got a preety serious aerial attack on him. haha

the third is of the baptism with deborah

April 28 2014

This last week was so much fun because this upcoming saturday we are having our first baptism! she is so great her name is Deborah she has been going to church in bolivia for like a year and no one as asked her about why she was there or anything. And then when she moved to chile for work she found the church nearby and we met her this last sunday and have taught her all week and then on friday she asked us about baptism and when it was ok that she got baptized. That next morning the zone leaders had a baptism interview and on sunday we announced her baptism this next saturday. I am just really excited for her and really think she will be such a great benefit to the ward here. We also have 3 other fechas for baptism in the upcoming weeks but were struggling to get the 3 to commit to follow some of the steps. For instance Leslie this sweet girl who lives with a family who is active and her boyfriend was a member she is so hard and does not want to follow the law of chastity and were trying to explain to her that it is next murder one of the worst sins ugh! then we have gerrardo he is super good he has come to church every week and we have a fecha for him im not to worried about him he is following everything. Then we have tiffany she is really great but she works so much to support her two kids that she doesnt have time to meet with us very often only like 1-2 a week it is really hard. Then we have javiera who says she will do things and then blocks us out for like 4 days and then we ask if she is doing it and she acts like she never heard or learned any of it. UGH its really hard sometimes because i wish that people didnt have agency haha. Although i know the lord his allowing me to learn and grow from it each and every day and i truly love it.
This last couple days for you all sound preety great i cant believe everything that has happened i am so excited for gracie this moment ahead is going to change her whole life now and after. Also wish boston happy birthday I love that little boy so much. I still think its so awesome how big of a tourist attraction hayden is with his iron man suit and he needs to make boston one. Also mom that microsoft guy sounds really interested in our church you should be the one to tell him.

Now for my moms question about service during the week. We dont have a day set a side for it but we look for moments throughout the week to help the ward to grow and love us alot and the people we try to help out randomly who need it like on friday we stopped and changed this ladys tire we got her number and challenged to her to church and showed she showed for the sacrament but then left and we are going to check on her tommorrow but we try our best to help the people the best we can in any way we can.

I love you all so much and hope you have a good upcoming week cause i know i will serving the lord.

elder adams