Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 28, 2015

This week was awesome and super weird i think looking back at some of my weeks during the mission there almost always this way haha. Well as for the week it all started with us cleaning out our old pension....

well so this week i want to name it the week of animals, insects, and revelation. This week i had to start of by cleaning out our old house because we just barely moved so that sucked but while we were in the house we went out into the patio and found a giant spider and my comp being who he is he trapped it in a plastic box and then we found another big one and we left them in there together to see what happenes and we filmed an epic battle of them it was crazy. Also we met a less active who has bunnys and she has like a ton and grazes them basically every three weeks she has more baby bunnys its a factory of bunnys!!! haha but they're awesome also one of our investigators showed me a weird rat hedge hog thing and it moves so slow and it is super relax it doesnt do anything it made me want one but then it poked me and decided that i better not. All in all crazy

Also the revelations now when we started on thursday the day i was super tired and had no desires to even move because i have been kind of sick and i felt my whole insides like grinding and angry haha but i told my comp that i know i need to buy a banana but i dont want to buy cause we dont have time so we went out worked our butts off and when i was really like right about to pass out we go over to an investigators house and she says elders you look tired here drink some water and eat this BANANA! It was super funny and i couldnt believe that god would bless me with a banana it was awesome and that god really has his hand in all things and the best part is that same lady we found a new family through them and then another family through the other so it was really blessings for the sector and my sickness haha.

All in all great week i had a blast today we went and did sandboarding on hill called dragon hill (cerro de dragón) it was super cool and its super hard to control you just have to go straight down you cant try to turn or move at all because then you get stuck but it was super fun.

elder adams
con mucho cariño

ps: new photos

Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

Well this week was crazy!!! because of three huge things one the earthquake, two 18th of September, and a huge activity that we had for the branch. Although let me explain why

First the earthquake to be honest i barley felt it at all the only reason i knew that it happened was because we felt that like a giant ball moved below our feet and we heard the door moving like the wind was picking up a ton but then there were some plants right next to me that moved a lot we thought it was just a tremor which happen a ton but then we saw on the news in the street that it was an earthquake close to the capital way far away but really for Chile that's nothing they have the record for the biggest earthquake in the world 9.3 or something like that.

Second this past week was also the Chilean independence day the 18th it was super crazy but the funny part is that its not just that day its like the whole week. Although i never thought i have eaten so much meat in my life in the three days we ate 8 barbecues it was death and not like hamburgers like MEAT! It was super good i love 18 de septiembre

Third we had an activity for the branch that they have been planning forever which was about that the 18 de septiembre it was super cool we had classic dances, games, food, and tons of things so tons of investigators and members got to get to know each other in a none awkward way super great.

All in all great. When you know at the end of the week all you want to do is rest you know it was a good week.

ps the new photos are in this link


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 14, 2015

Well this week was AWESOME! Can i just say that the lord really blessed us aton this week because we had 10 investigators in sacrament meeting this week and it got the whole branch super excited about what we need to be doing in the branch.

Although this week was rough as well because we wanted so hard to get three investigators ready with a date and everything for this up coming week and they just were not ready so we ended up just a little sad. Also another thing is that i have been dieing from the flu this week and like everyone is too so we are suffering but now it is starting to pass by so thats good.

I love you all so much and hope you all have a great week and wish the best for this week.

elder adams

ps: i now have a one drive and will be sending you guys the links every week of the new photos.


September 7, 2015

This week flew by and i will give all the details on what happened. This week we had counsel with president and it was super cool because he gave me and elder rodriguez time to share about references and how we can use them more.

Also on Thursday like right before we went to bed i hear from the other room of the elders them scream like little girls so we go running in and they said that there was a rat in there at first we didn't believe them then it ran past my foot and i screamed (manly of course) haha but then we spent the next hour trying to kill it and when we finally got it I WAS THE ONE TO GET IT! I threw a shoe at it and broke the neck i felt sad and good. Also i found a giant moth that i also killed it was a crazy killing spree. I don't know if that sounds super good coming from a missionary but oh well.

Also today was super cool we went on a huge trip with a member and it was super fun we went to a city called pica and we took a wrong route and got to a giant underground thermals and salt area it was super cool and tough because we thought we weren't going to make it back because we didn't bring a great car for offroading but that's what we did. I will be sure to send the photos next week

love you all so much and hope you have a great week.

elder adams