Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5 2014

This week was so awesome it flew by so fast because we were teaching so much and getting so much done in our sector i am really excited for the people in our area but i also feel really bad for the other elders in our sector because they havent gotten very much success cause they are opening it back up so its hard at first but i know it will get better they just need to keep on the straight and narrow. Anyway everything went great i got my first baptism this week!!! it was probably one of the greatest experiences i have had on this earth. Her name is Deborah and she one of the strongest people i know she has been going to church for a year listened and has followed everything we have put in front of her and i have never been so sure about someones faith she is such an angel oh what a great lady to have has my first baptism. It went really good i said everything right the speakers did great the only thing is that when we both were in the water i was turned the opposite direction when they opened the doors i felt really dumb but the members know it was my first time so they laughed it off and then we completed her baptism. So after that first one made me really hungry for more so i am going to keep pushing to save some more souls oh man it is such a great feeling knowing that you might have made just the smallest rippel in the lake but by the end it makes a great distance.

elder adams

the first one is of this HUGE pomegranit (i have no idea how to spell that fruit even in english) a lady in our ward gave me and that is only a quarter of it.

the second one is of my comp elder butler with bird poop on him he got a preety serious aerial attack on him. haha

the third is of the baptism with deborah

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