Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

I just want to start of by saying when i opened the emails today i did not think i would get huge news, but now I am absoulutly blown out of my seat. My brother sterling got engaged! Congrats bro I am so happy for the both of you. 

This week was really interesting because at the beginning we thought we had tons to do for the branch but by the end we had too much to do and teach and plan for the upcoming weeks and months. That we were racing to try and fit it all into the schedule. That were feeling the pain after when we look at our numbers for the week, and see we didnt do as well as we wanted and set our goals for. Although the thing is that i have learned is the true meaning behind those goals and that numbers dont really matter.

Why do we set goals and have numbers? At the beginning of my mission i thought it was just kind of something extra that we had to do so we could keep track of how are investigators are doing and how well were doing as missionarys, wich it is but there is so much more to it. Without those goals this week i gauarentee we would have just put all the time into the branch and not gotten anything done but really its so we can have ourselves allways pushed to the limits and trying our best to find, teach, and baptize every person we can.

Which also reminds me of our ONE truly progressing investigator he had a date set for the Second of agosto but now he is leaving to santiago at the end of the month so this week we are going to have a baptism! He is so ready i am so excited for him but it makes me really want to find some solid new investigators too so some of our big goals are finding news this week.

I hope all of you around the world are feeling my prayers and the blessings from it. I love you all and am excited to see if you guys can top the news this coming week in my inbox haha. 

Con mucho amor de un misionero, primero consejero, rama secretario en un chiquito rama llamada Taltal en la costa de norte de chile

elder adams

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 14, 2014

Wow it is crazy to read everyones letters from missions all around the world and realize how many different experiences everyones having its so great. Anyway for my week this week was quite interesting trying to help teach the new branch president about all the dutys and things we do throughout the week not just on sunday. Also i got to give a talk, teach a lesson, and print out tons of paperwork for all the stuff for the branch sunday i was swamped with work but yet i had fun. That is one thing that i have learned very quickly and makes me laugh that i am allway tired, hungry, and happy.

SO this week we had some preety fun times on this last monday because i got to meet all the new people from our zone and we played apples to apples it was so much fun. Also on saturday we had a huge activity for the youth and we went to the beach and played rugby i taught everyone how to play and i had a blast then we played a weird game that the young womens leader made that is a mix between steal the flag and dogeball it was preety fun too but i was just really happy to play rugby again. (even if it was with a whole bunch of 14 year olds who are not very good still a blast)

Also the world cup with alemania winning the whole thing it was a really good game we got to watch the end of it in the plaza where a whole bunch of people were watching it. Also we found a few people that totally thought we were from alemania so everybody just congrajulated(i dont remember how to spell this word) us about the win.

The work was really good we found a few new investigators and some old meno activos that we have been working really hard to come back and we think this sunday we will get them to come. We are super excited about it.

Anyway to end i want to send a shoutout to my big brother Kendrick and wish him a happy birthday this thursday and wish you the best and hope you go take the day and pamper yourself a little haha love you bro. Also i love you all and want to remind you that you are all in my prayers every week.

elder adams

Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 7, 2014

This week i dont have a ton of time to give a normal report on the week but, I just want to say this was really good for la obra misional. We had a huge activity on the fourth and third of july (haha fourth of july). They had this special weekend for taltal and people set up stands and sold products and such and we set one up and had the missionarys and the members, a tv brodcasting mormon messages, and giving out folletos and contacting refrences it was so great we are swamped with refrences and so excited about the possibiltiy of some news it was the perfect thing we needed in our sectors right now.
Also we had a huge change in the branch. Our branch president who has been the branch president for 16 years got released on sunday and called a man who has been in a presidency in peru before but is unsure about the calling cause his job might take him to santiago or to iquique but he is fully equiped and it is really good for the branch our old branch pres needed a brake he is now the young mens leader (not a huge brake hahah).

Also i am in chaƱaral right now for zone meetings and I got my package from my mom first thing recieved in the mission it was preety great. Anyway love you all so much and hope you all feel my prayers for each and everyone of you.

con mucho amor
elder adams

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 30, 2014

WOW this week was quite interesting to say the least. Thanks to alot of different reasons it was probably one of the harder weeks of my mission. I am so glad that i had today to just kind of rekoop and get ready to have a great week ahead.
So this week was a struggle for number 1 we have almost no investigators and were struggling to find news. We have started a book of mormon gift program for the members where they are supposed to find one good friend and pass our number and a book of mormon and then pass us the number and we just started it this last friday so we havent gotten anything yet but were hoping for some good from it. 

We lost to brasil in the world cup and there was so much depression from people in the town we didnt get into a single house the whole night it was like chile just went and crawled into their bed and cried it was so sad. Also we spent the last hour of the night cleaning out the secretary office for the chapel cause it really needed to be done anyway.

We had cambios this weekend and........ i am not going anywhere yeah! neither is my comp but every single companionship in the zone is being changed so its preety weird. This next week will be zone meeting so it will be weird.

Also last but not the least probably the worst thing i got ROBBED by some kids probably but this is a long story so be prepared. We were at a members house painting there door and bars on the windows when we go in to wash our hands for like less than a minute we come out and our bags were gone (totally all our fault and i feel so dumb because of it). And so we ran around trying to find them and didnt find anyone or anything and we asked around and got the carabineros involved because they had everything they had all the keys to the church, the house key, my scriptures, camera, and wallet. It was horrible Although then immediatly after i was freaking out and my comp tells me "lets pray" i cannot believe i was so worried and freaking out i forgot to ask my father in heaven for help so we did and walked down to the ciber nearby and emailed our parents and the office and canceled our cards then we go to the church to go teach english and there was a man there who said he found our bags thrown in the dirt outside his house they had scriptures and invitations to english class and so he came down to return them i couldnt believe it. Although whoever stole them and threw them in front of this mans house took all my money, my camera with all my photos of the mission and the chapel keys. The rest was still in the bag my wallet with all my cards and identification which sucks cause its all canceled now anyway. But i got some of it back so it has really been hard and we are still trying to figure it out.

I love you all and pray for you. Keep doing your best to follow the lords errand and i know he will bless you i have seen so many blessings this week even though there was alot of hard times just remember to allways look to the good and forget the bad and Keep moving forward

elder adams