Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

So this week was really fun! It was crazy we had to do tons almost everyday. So lets get started with this last tuesday.

We had to do seminary because the hermanas normally do it but they traveled to chaƱaral for the day to do visa stuff for the new gringa also i had to plan my first district meeting. It was really good we made brownies as the activity and each ingredient was one of the scriptures they had to search it was a really fun day.

Then Wendsday we finished contacting some of the people we found with all of the jovenes this last week and we met the first convert in all of taltal obviously he is inactive but me and my comp have been working really hard with him and his family they are so great. It is so cool to see some of the photos of the elders from the 80`s wow weird.

Thursday it was preety normal we met with some of our new investigators and had lunch with this peruvian family who makes the best Aji (it is basically hot sauce from peru) ever i even had her make some special for me to take back to the penchant and use for my meals.

Friday started out horrible i found a giant spider next to my bed scared the crap out of me but then the rest of the day was good. We had to teach seminary and english class it was my first week teaching english it was really funny and actually is one of the best ways i have found to practice my spanish.

Saturday was amazing we planned in district meeting to do a activity in the plaza to find news and we decided to put up a stand that says "free doughnuts" (roscas gratis) so that morning i made 150 doughnuts to give out and tons of pamflets and cards it was great we met so many new people.

Then sunday the top of it all the majority of the people we met in the plaza were in church the next day it was so great we had 14 investigators in church and 51 people in church that is great for this little branch and truly a miracle.

well i love you all so much and sounds like everyone is doing really good i hope everything continues to be good i will be sure to keep the prayers up.

con mucho amor
elder adams
 the first one is of all of the doughnuts we made to give out on the activity.

the second is of the spider i found next to my bed of friday and if any of you know me i jumped out of my bed so fetching fast!

August 18, 2014

Alright so for this week there is alot to say and i actually have some time to get it all out. So for those of you who didnt read my email last week I am still in taltal Livin life to the fullest. I am here with my new companion elder cabrera he is super awesome. He has only been a member for a little over a year after his year mark he came out to the mission. He is has one of the strongest hearts and testimonies i think i have met in the mission. He came to the mission field at the same time as me but has one cambio less than me. (because he only has two weeks in the mtc and i had 6.) He is super cool.

One other thing this week that has been really fun of the new people in my district there is a brand new hermana in my district she doesnt know hardly any spanish and she is with a latina who doesnt know any english. Its preety great helping them communicate cause it also kind of reminds me of all the time i have spent trying to understand the conversations and words people are saying throughout out the day. Although through the time i have´nt realized how much i have really picked up. Its a really good feeling.

As for this weeks work with the missionary work was really hard. We hardly had anytime all week because our young womens president had planned a huge youth conference and we are the young mens presidents so we had to be there basically all week but what was so great is we got to take the last day and go out with all the young men and women and be missionarys for a day. They got up at 7, studied, left to contact, came back and ate, studied english (haha i helped them it was super fun), worked again, and then we had a testimony meeting at the end alot of the young men at the beginning thought it was super dumb but now are super excited about all of it and are thinking about serving missions. Also we got a whole bunch of new contacts thanks to them so i am really excited about that.

Anyway i hope all is well it sounds like everyone is preety bumbed about going back to the school part and excited about the social aspect as usual. Although not to worry summer will be back sooner than you know it. I still cant belive the month right now i still feel like i am in january time is just flying by. Anyway i love you all so much and you are allways thought of and prayed for.

con mucho amor
elder adams

August 11, 2014

I am so sorry i dont have like any time to write. Although we had cambios this week and ................... I am staying in taltal as District leader my new comp should be getting here tomorrow his name is elder cabrera my old comp is leaving to arica for a 18 hour bus ride :( sucks for him.
this week was really hard for lessons everybody was gone or busy and we had to plan this huge activity this next week wich will be really cool because we are having the jovenes be missionarys for a day they will do everything with us it will hopefully be great for the numbers here.

I just want to let you all now i love you and am still here and working has hard as possible to bring blessings to family and friends back home. Keep the prayers coming i truly feel them each and every day.

August 5, 2014

So to start of i am sorry i was not able to email yesterday we were in a conference in chaƱaral all day and left right after but the zone leaders gave us permission this morning to have p-morning.

I want to give a huge shoutout to my grandpa for the letter i got yesterday and want to tell him thanks for the love and money. Also to kassidy duval it seems like you are doing well and want to say thanks for the letter.

About the conference, it was really good and super spiritual. Every month we have these meetings so we can meet together as a zone to get mail, new rules, and have time together. It was crazy so our zone leaders got in a bus accident when they were traveling to antofogasta for the liders conference so they knew what to tell us in the zone meeting. Thanks to the lord they were fine, but we remember to keep the rest of the familys in our prayers cause there were 12 seriously injured and 4 died on impact. It was so sad but we had a big barbaque with some of the familys after the meeting and played a good game of soccer and the gringos won it was so fun.

As for our sector everything is working preety well. We have found a few people thanks to this new site called "Rescate" (rescue) it helps us find every name and member in our area and put other people not in our area to other sectors to start working with them. We have found some news also they are working but both of them are hard to get in touch with so were working with there schedule to set some solid times.

So this next week is cambios and i am preety sure my companion is gone he has been here for 7 months and the president in our last interviews said he was going to take him out unless the lord says otherwise. As for me i am kind of worried becuase i have a very good chance of going up to district leader and training =0. I am excited and terrified for that oppurtunity but nothing is certain we will find out next week.

I love you all so much and would invite you all to read the liahona for august there is a great missionary talk given at a presidents seminar in provo of 2008. It is probably one of my new favorite talks especially about missionary work.

con mucho amor 
elder adams

July 28, 2014

Note a ton to post this week cause i spent alot of the time answering emails i havent touched in awhilel. Although this week was great cause we got a baptism! His name is camilo and he is such a baller he is like my first real investigator who has read the book of mormon. Thats right READ the whole thing not just read it a few times. He is so awesome i was a little worried because he had aton of problems and was going to be the only member in his family but, i think he will be fine.

The work is coming still struggling to find new investigators but, we are allways pushing. Also we have done some really fun stuff with the new My family pamflets and those are cool to get people excited about going to do temple names. 

I just want to let everybody know i love you and pray for you.

elder adams

the picture is of my new convert and his mom. I wish i had more pics to send but, since i got my camera stolen and havent had money to buy a camera i wont have pictures for a couple more emails after that i should have one.