Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 13, 2014

Wow this week was amazing and just flew by. It seems like just yesterday i was writing you guys. So i dont even know where to start other than thank you for all the questions it truly helps i sit down getting ready to write and my mind just blanks. But anyway last p-day i spent the whole rest of the day playing street soccer with some of the guys who actually know how to play and the latinos we did preety well against them suprisingly it was awesome i got like 3 goals and then got stuck in goal cause i was the tallest and nobody wanted to get pelted by the latinos at 90 mph oh well it was way fun you know its fun when you cant walk after. but the only problem was i spent way to much time playing so we were rushing to get our laundry done before daily planning barely by the skin of our teeth we did but yeah then friday rolls around it was a preety normal day except i got some doritos at the tienda (store) the Doritos down here are way better the flavors are amazing and it had this cool little spongebob coin inside its awesome. Then we had a service project in the comedor (cafeteria) after we finished the pastry chef let us eat the rest of the tres leches cake it was amazing! Then for gym we spent it playing sprout ball and half way through the game this big guy crocket was getting to intense and like threw a kid to the ground so some guy told us we couldnt play unless we calmed down so we havent really played since im so sad about it too cause thats like the best game. Then for saturday nothing too big happened i just remember for dinner we had hamburgers and it was like a gift for all the hard work all week it was amazing. Then sunday the best day of the week except our schedule was kind of out of whack but of course we know why THE APOSTLE WAS COMING so we went to church i didnt have to speak but cable did finnaly he hasnt spoken yet so i was glad he did it was a great talk. Then we had a video at like 4ish sending off another couple districts and then president pratt said everybody quickly go to the comedor and eat fast so you can get a good seat it turned into like black friday deals people were like sprinting it was nuts then once we were done we went and ran to get seats we got like 5th row back it was awesome we still had to wait like an hour before it even started though but once we saw him it was amazing he did such a good talk and the prayer for the dedication was amazing. then while he was leaving they started playing follow the prophet and nobody sung but then everyone started humming it was so cool one of the best experiences of my life. then monday rolls around and everything good that had happened the day before was like it back fired on me that morning i had let elder towne our roomate borrow my cologne just this once and he goes and drops it in my room and it explodes so i was late to breakfast because i had to help clean it up then i got nutella all over my shirt cause this stupid kid ran into me with his sandwich then after getting nutella all over we got caught in the sprinklers so overall other than that i dont remember the rest of monday except i was super mad the rest of the day then for the rest of the week nothing too big happend except for the devotional on tuesday we had the president over the international mtc´s come and speak his name is brother mills he is awesome but he talked about how much change we are having in our lives and how we should really enjoy that. but other than that the rest of the week was just normal classes. now to answer everyones questions hopefully. First of all happy valentines day tomorrow i hope all of you truly feel the love from everyone around you I challenge everyone of you too find someone in need and make them feel like a million bucks wether it is just saying hi or ask how there doing or what ever. Hayden shout out to you and chandler happy birthday i hope you both have a great day you guys should both just have one big fatty attack for me oh by the way i am curious to know how work is without me there and how ken is i really miss him. Oh and tell rachel about the xbox just dont move it around and keep a disk inside at all times and it will allways open but DONT move it with a disk inside other than that it works great. I am so excited for boston its crazy to think how big he is now i remember when i was holding him in the hospital room you guys need to give him a big hug for me and sweet maddie and savanah i love all of them so much and truly wish i could give them a big hug but i have one of the next best things the spirit and the book of mormon. There so much to learn its amazing there is just not enough time to study and when i get out into the field its going to go down so much more you guys should truly enjoy the time you have to be together and i know you guys like never have time and dont really want to but you should try to have scripture reading together even if it is for only a verse that verse could have the answer to the question you have had all week. Anyway my time is almost out thanks to this giant letter sry if i didnt answer all the questions oh and mom send me everyones emails so i can send them my giant email unless they dont want to then punch them in the arm and tell them i love them and pray for them everyday. Oh and next p-day is my last one at the CCM so you need to get a call card so i can call you that tuesday i leave not this tuesday but the next. I am going to probabaly send some random pics but they are just fun anyway lots of love from across the border stay frost utah
mas de amor
elder adams
 elder towne when he broke my cologne bottle SO MAD

 my district on wednesday we took water bottles into the comedor that big and got all the new people scared that it gets so hot you have to carry those around it was so funny

February 6 , 2014

Thank you everyone for all the love and prayers this week I truly felt them in my life. Oh wow so much has happened this week its hard to put it too words. I guess i will start with last p-day after i finished writing you guys I played a ton of sports all day and hung out truly like the best day after such a long rough week but after that things just seemed to fly by and now it is a week later and I just cant believe it. So then Friday and Saturday were just like everyday we had classes and learned some Spanish and then Sunday came and we had the opportunity to fast and you know fasting before was absolutely the worst but in the field, you truly know the purpose and the reasoning behind it. Also of course like fast Sunday back home except everyone bears there testimony its awesome i mean of course no one really know much to say but the normal easy stuff but its awesome. After that at our video we watched "the stone cutter" its awesome its about the stone cutter in alpine who lost his leg. Then after the movie we got a huge announcement that the CCM would be dedicated this coming Sunday and one of the courum of the twelve will be coming and two other general authority's Its apparently a campus wide secret but its going to be elder oaks which is awesome. So all week they have been refurbishing the campus and making it look pretty.  Another thing awesome that is happening this coming Sunday is we have to prepare two talks and just bear one of there choosing which will be very fun. Then the rest of the week has just flown by with all the classes and studying. But we have all been excited for today because this morning we had the opportunity to visit the temple grounds and the visitor center it is so beautiful i just wish we could go into the temple i have been craving it like a ice cream on a hot day. The reason we cant is they are having renovations on it for the next year in a half because apparently they built it on an old lake bed so the land is slowly sinking so they have to put giant poles down to bedrock or something. Anyway that is pretty much my week but now to answer all the many questions i will try to answer most of them and keep them coming. That last Sunday i did my talk on repentance it went great and its so funny how much i wish i would have read preach my gospel before i left its awesome! and the two talks i have to give this coming Sunday is restoration, and enduring to the end. Oh and mom i hardly ever use my cleats i have only used them once no one wants to play soccer on the grass field so we just play on the basketball court with the tennis shoes. but i have heard from everyone they wish they would have brought there's because it will be so nice in the field. The money here is only for the CCM they give us a card right when we get here that is only for our time here. We will get a new card when we get to the field. The food at first was absolutely gross, but now i have truly been excited to eat every time it gets better everyday except the jello i don't know what they do to it but it is just nasty! and my companion is from garden grove California, we are getting closer but of course there are times when i just about lose it. Which is so weird to me i get along with anybody and everybody but him, even though we both have taught together, cried together, and fought together. There is still just something about him that makes me go crazy. Oh and pablo my guy on the outside who has the hook up of jerseys he came and brought it to me mom so don't worry about a package its with me i will send a pic of it, also tie trades are so much fun its so funny how they go down randomly someone will come in and say to our class during personal study meet in the classroom at 3 or something and then tons of people come and we auction them off like cars its awesome and so much fun i only traded one tie so far because all the ones people want to trade are crap so i have to scavenge through the needles to find the rose in the middle. ok i think that covers all of my moms questions but dad i am so excited for your friend he sounds like he is truly going to fall in love with el libro de mormon just like i know we all have. thank you for all the love and please send me any emails who want to receive my big long email to everyone and if you send me personal emails i will answer the as much i can with the time i have. But love you all, miss you, stay frosty utah from elder Adams in the CCM where its 73 degrees sunny and absolutely gorgeous.
elder Adams

January 30, 2104 Week 1

This week has been so funny Saturday was truly rough its amazing how the lord works and lets all of you know that i was struggling. I spent most of Saturday sitting in a spiritual bubble inside my head telling myself things no missionary should be telling himself or any other person but i was. I spent most of the night tossing and turning, and honestly crying but then on Sunday we got up went to class and they called me and my companion to be zone leaders since we got a now two zones and then at church and I had been worried all week i was going to speak in church because they do it at random so everyone prepares to speak and of course i am the first to speak and of course i had spent the whole night worried about it so i wrote it at 2 in the morning and it was alright i said some words wrong but at the very end of sacrament our branch president said i spoke really well for a kid only his first Sunday out. And then we had a devotional where we watched three videos one was a talk by elder Scott about prayer it was amazing then we watched the church videos about "father tanner" and "to this end" it was unbelievable everyone by the end was tearing up. After all of the that everything this week has just gone by so much better I have learned so much quicker and understood a lot more instead of just saying "si" after every sentence haha of course i am still really bad but its slowly coming. But some fun things that have happened are that we have been teaching the new district that got in last week how to play some of these games i mentioned like (sprout ball, bennis, and what are the odds) they have truly loved them and always come up to me and ask what were going to play today and even though i am only my second week in they said from his own words ( i walk like i own this place)(tell ken its because i took his advice about the confident walk) its awesome to feel looked up to even though your the zone leader you don't feel very important cause you don't really do anything except on Sundays you have to conduct the meetings but its just funny. Anyway you can tell Rachel that she can make a blog if she wants i honestly have no opinion i wanted to send a ton more pics i will try after i send this also yeah if you want to send any letters or packages use dear elder most of the guys in my district have said that works. they say that they take right of the site print and put it in the box and if its a package they make it here in the city and then drive it in. OH MY GOSH i am so stoked for Jeremy´s call how does he feel about the language, it makes me feel so happy i am speaking something as easy as Spanish. oh another thing that is really funny we met this guy on campus named Pablo he is the like the black market of the CCM he got us a dozen krispy cream donuts and i got a sweet jersey that is coming on Saturday its awesome, and yeah mom you gave me dads ties its ok though i am probably going to be spending most of the day doing tie trades with some of the other guys those things are freaking intense its like an auction going down. Anyway so far everything is going good thanks for all the love especially from you mom I know having a calling like you do there will be times where you just want to go moma bear on some of the women but just keep yourself calm and collected and everything will be awesome. lots of love in the sunny weather they call winter
lots of love Elder Adams

January 15, 2014 Hitting the Field

Hey I just want to let you all know i just got here and absolutely love the city so much. The people are so nice and giving. Anyway i have to go but next P day i will let you all know how it is really going which is next Thursday. Just want to let you all know I love and care for each and everyone. And am so excited to finally be here and start the lords work