Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25, 2015

This week was so strange let me just start off with everything that has been going on. First it all started with Wednesday we had our interviews with our president and first off mine went super good and i have got nothing to worry about it went super good and i am pretty i will be staying here in Antofagasta this transfer although my other two comps elder Scott and elder Jara were not so sure especially with what pres told them and what they feel but i just tell them they are crazy and that nobody knows the transfers except god. Anyway so this whole week as been the conversation about that and a few other crazy things going down with some members.

Although the week in general i felt good because they both felt as if there leaving so they want to leave this sector with respect so they worked really hard this week to get some people ready to be baptized and for that we found out that there was kid named martin who is 9 who hasn't gotten baptized and had a huge fear of water and that's why he hasn't done it yet but we talked to him and he decided to go through with it but we are going to do a little baptism not announced so that only him and a few people are there in case he gets nervous he wont want to do it. Although he is super awesome and fun and we are excited for him and his family they are so great.

All in all i am super happy i have no complaints where my sector is at and i am really excited about all the good things that are happening right now and just want you all to know how much i love you and hope the best for you.

elder adams
con mucho cariño y amor
 The photos of the day visiting el mulle "the railroad from antofagasta to bolivia" and we went and played pool

May 18, 2015

Whats up family, Friends, and loved ones from all over. you get the grand opportunity to hear from me again. haha hey it seems like all is well and normal that's good to hear.

As for me things are great we just had TWO BAPTISMS on Saturday. It was so awesome and i really got to see two people that were really just ready for there family to grow in the gospel start there lives and open the door to happiness and love and also on Sunday they got confirmed and there baby boy got his name given to him IT WAS AWESOME! Also afterwards they came up to us and said that they wanted to go to the temple NOW we talked about it and put a goal in year so they can be sealed for time and all eternity in the house of the lord. It was really super awesome. Except for that not much happened except that i went on exchanges with an elder from Santiago it was super fun but nothing to big except that this week.

I love you all so much and hope that you guys feel my prayers for you all daily. Thanks for all that you do for me and the love i feel out here.

elder adams

May 11, 2015

First i want to say that it was so awesome that i got to see you all again and it was great to hear how good the family is doing and that you lucky punks got to see Avengers 2 in theatres. haha nah but my comp is pretty jealous and wants to buy a suit from Hayden of iron man. Also shout out to sterling and Jessica for there return from there honeymoon and that i love you guys so much.

As for my week it was super fun we got to have quite a few activity's during the week because it was stake conference they had a brilliant idea they had an activity every day to get everybody excited about the work and so they would come to church to stake conference and not think about it like ugh stake conference. With more excitement and happiness. Also like I mentioned we have a baptism this week that i am pretty excited for and they are so cool so this next week i will be sending out photos of that to you guys. Also on Thursday we had a counsel of all the zone leaders of the mission come and took the day to think and talk about what we could do to be better it was super awesome and made me super happy to see a lot of my buddy's from the mission. Although the rest of the week was normal.

I love you all so much and especially i want to give a special shout out to all those moms out there, that not only yesterday should be yours it should be everyday. Lots of love and prayers.

elder adams
the first one is an area that actually has green its really sad that that's the green here.
 the second is one of the games we did for our activity was shoot down the cups with elastics we thought they would do it super fast but it turns out Chileans have a problem shooting elastics haha
 the third is another but this time they had to play soccer tied to another person

May 4, 2015

First of all to start of i have to give a big shout out to my brother sterling and send him congrats on his marriage this last friday. Congrats man i hope the best for you and your wife.

Well for this week it was super fun as usual we started the week of with some preety crazy crap. Well this last monday we got emailed from our president to prepare for the counsel that we are going to have for zone leaders and he always sends us some scriptures to read and study before we go so it was super awesome to read and study what they are going to talk about this thursday and it will be the first one i will get to go too so i am pumped. Also this week was super cool because well friday was a day where everybody in chile have a day off its called "el día del trabajador" basically labor day so it was super cool and the tradicion is that people always have barbecues so you can just bet we got invited to ¡¡¡¡¡¡3!!!!!! Barbecues. I felt so fat after i really was going to have a fatty attack. Although the next day we had the oppurtunity as a zone to have a fast so we could have some more baptisms for the zone and that our goals get completed so it went really good and i am excited to see the blessings from that.

Although the rest of the week was pretty normal and we got to have exchanges on Thursday and i got to be in a sector called centenario it is super cool its also one of the sectors elder Scott served in like when he started his mission so i let him tag along so we had a trio that day and elder Scott was super happy so we got to see some of his good friends from that sector.

All in all it was a great week and i am really excited for all the things great that are happening for you guys right now.

con mucho amor
elder adams
the first is of a tower of coke cola bottles like the size of a building

the second is on Friday while all my family was having the wedding eating cake i was great meat

 this is a photo of my shampoo and hair gel that just go perfect with the gospel (i got to live it up every day)

April 27, 2015

Before I started this email i wanted to give a special shout out to my brother who will be getting married this next week for time and all eternity. I love you bro and hope the best for you and the family you are now starting. Also another to my brother and sister in law Chris and Rachel for there new house it is gorgeous and I know it will be a good place where my nieces and nephew are going to grow up well in so it makes me so happy.

Well as for this week things were super fun. As you all know i am know back in antofagasta but this time I am in a trio with elder Jara and elder scott. Elder jara is chilean from santiago he is super cool and he is like the classic chilean gangster (flite in chilean) he was such a baller before the mission and gave it all up for the mission he is super powerful with his testimony. elder scott reminds me so much of the classic nerd at blackfire playing magic, pokemon, or league of legends and we get along great they are both so cool and we are really excited about everything thats going down right now. Also the ward is super cool the sector is Antofogasta Centro so its like all of the main part of the city its ginormous and super fun. The ward as tons of potenial and i am pumped to get some serious saving of souls here haha.

As for everything else this week went great we had a ton of new investigators in church and a family that has a date for the 16th of may and they are both going to be baptized without a doubt. Also we have a colombian family who came and loved it and they are a for sure too we just need to get there parents to get married but they want it so it will be awesome. Also another family who loves the church and wants to hear more but they have a lot of problems so we are just waiting to be sure that they are ready to take that next step. Although i am so excited for it all they are so cool and ready.

With everything that is happening right now i am happy as could be and am so excited about everything here. So as of course when things are good help others and when there bad give a little more. So i will be sure to do everything I can to pray and send blessings all your ways.

Con mucho Cariño
elder Adams
this is a photo of a family that I left in arica who are super cool that said goodbye to me in the bus terminal

this is a photo of the child of the family that will be baptized in this next month (sorry but he wont be baptized yet he has to wait a little while)

April 20, 2015

this week is crazy i got some cool and sad news. I got cambios and i am going to ..............................
............ANTOFAGASTA AGAIN BUT THIS TIME AS A ZONE LEADER! I am a little scared and really excited because i know the lord will prepare me and is preparing me right now. Although the other thing is that i am not any better than any other elder i really did learn a lot about TITLES in conference these past weeks. I really now the lord prepares us in many forms.

As for everything we are super good i am really sad because we just started getting things really going here like last week we had 30 news i was really excited for those baptisms but i just needed to prepare them for the new elder here they are prepared for him. Also it was really hard because i have to leave a ward that is amazing and i will never be able to forget and will be people i will come back and see again.

Sorry this is kind of short but I leave tonight in two hours down to Antofagasta for a 10 hour bus ride so its a blessing that i got to write you guys before but i love you all so much and wish the best for you guys. Remember that you all need to PRAY, AND STUDY what the lord wants for you and that includes Reading, watching videos, and more than anything think about the cliche phrase "what would Jesus do" I love you all so much. I hope you have a good week.

elder adams
this is a photo of a crazy fire that went down close to our apartment thank goodness it wasn't ours.
 this is hna Ingrid my convert she and is so awesome and will miss her and her family a lot

this is a photo of an asado (barbeque) that a family gave to us because i was leaving it was so awesome this ward for the last week I ate like king faruk because they all knew i was leaving but today topped it all off.