Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Can i just start of by saying WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK! Craziness happened this week with my whole family. I just want to start of with a few of these shout outs to my family. First and formost my big brother chris and his wife rachel are moving to texas (mind blown). Two one of my blood brothers broderick and his wife mary are having a baby boy in august (mind exploded). Three my brother hayden got an internship at REAL salt lake and is working at Verizon (mind on the floor) Fourth my mom just finished the book of mormon for relief society and now has grown her testimony a little more (mind spread out) Last but not least my dad just got finnaly finished with the project he has been working on for almost the last year and a half (mind all over the WALLS) I am so happy for all of you and know that everything that is happening are blessings from the lord. These things you people shouldnt just shove off like its nothing i am so proud and happy for you all. Keep on keepen on

As for me this week was a little sad we got some sad information from santiago that our investigator Alicia right when we started teaching her she told us she had been baptized before but we asked if her records were found in the stake or the mission and they werent so we went along with the plans for the baptism, but i sent out an email a few weeks back asking santiago if there was anything of paperwork showing that she had been baptized before because i have met a few people here in chile that got baptized but the ward clerk never entered the info and there name got lost. And this last week she was ready, excited, and spiritually exausted from the anticipation but then one of the general offices of the church called me and told me that they found her paper work( in my mind "NOOOOOOOOOO") that her info is in forms that the church down here have that only has her name but not any city, province, or mission. But that it is definityly her. Then he told me elder remember that you did something better than a baptism you reactivated a soul that the church had lost for more than 40 years and now is active and happy ( in my mind "whahoo")

As for the rest of the week it went good we had a family home evening with some recent converts who are preparing to go to the temple and the dad made us some american deep dish pizza it was amazing and then he also made some hot sauce that made it so good. So to top of the night my comp and me made some araypas from colombia they are really good. it was awesome. Also for the week i mad some home made cranberry juice that some members gave me the fruit it was so good. 

That is basically my week my fellow americans it was very exciting and fun. I hope you all have a great week and continue to feel the lord in your life each and every moment you can.

con mucho amor
 elder adams
 this is a photo of a statue that they have in the center of arica it has a really cool story too it about when this area belonged to peru and chile took it over with some charge over this hill to take over the area.
 these are my cranberry's that i pulled out of 4 grenadas it was super good
this is the recent convert who made us pizza and my comp making araypas that was a fun night

March 9, 2015

 Brothers.....Sister.......children one and all it has come I have finally gotten time to write the family! Haha nah but yeah i have heard that everyone has asked what has been going on that i just haven't had time to write. The reason was that the last two p-days we were just packed with stuff to do that we just didn't have time to write very much. But oh well the important thing is now i have a little time to talk.

I also want to start of by giving a shout out to my uncle and aunt margarie who my aunt her father just passed away and i just want to invite you all to pray for her and the family so that the lord and his teachings will comfort them. I love you guys and will keep you in my prayers.

As to start off i wanted to let you all know that the baptism of my convert Juana went off with out a hitch and i had the grand opportunity to baptize her. We were really trying to get her husband to do it but in the end he had to work and was scared that he couldn't do it and said that he just wanted me to do it. So after awhile of trying to convince him i accepted and she got baptized and now has attended church twice and is loving it. She really has a strong desire to serve the lord and make it to the temple to seal her family for all eternity.

Also about our other investigator who is progressing great her name is alicia she has a date for the 28 and if she attends this sunday were in the gold and its a yes for sure. She told us with out a shadow of a doubt this is what she wants and in her words before she dies haha.

Also this week was cambios and somethings really sad happened one is that one of my best friends in the mission left to go to copiapo my first sector in the mission. Elder reynolds you will be missed and loved my friend but after we will get together after man. Also today was the last day of my Papitos mission he is now on his way home to arizona. Elder Butler i love you man you were really a great papito and example to me. Go fight, WIN (in the words of edna mod)

Also to all my love birds thank you all for the prayers and thoughts wondering how i am doing. Don't trip my potato chips everything's good down here i am really feeling and seeing the blessings being poured out upon me like it says in the scriptures. Lots of love

Con mucho cariƱo y amor
Elder Adams

 this is of my ward mission leader, my convert, and my son, and little old me
i just looked and i wrote me 4 times i hope nobody thinks i am prideful
 I wanted to first say that i got a sweet photo from a member that i put in our apartment and everybody loves it.

also my son elder rincon (elder corner) found an almacen that has his name on it and demanded we go in there the next day it was funny.
 a member gave us a free giant pie it was delicious i loved it.

also for our zone meeting we got a sweet shirt that says just do it on the front and the back says just baptize its awesome

this is the photo of the four of us in our pension together it was a great group and now my bud elder reynolds left but will not be forgotten.

March 2, 2015

I am so sorry but i literally have like 5 minutes i feel really bad that last week we didn't really get to talk to you guys and here either but I just want to let you all know that this week was really cool we had our baptism for an hna Juana i am sorry i don't have my camera or time to send it but next week for sure. I love you and hope everything is super good.

Elder Adams

February 24, 2015

Hey i just want to quickly get on see how everyone was doing and say that this week was awesome and we had so much going on that i couldnt get on to write yesterday. Because we were moving our apartment for quite a few reasons and it took sooooo long. Now we are having just a few minutes to write all of you and say that i am fine and not dead. Haha i love you all so much and keep those great emails coming. Oh also we have another baptism coming up this week so keep your prayers coming im really seeing the fruits from it.

February 16, 2015

So i just want to tell everyone this week was AMAZING the reason was because we had just a ton of fun things happen and tons of people talking to us and the members helping us out.

The first thing that made me happy was we got Hna Ingrid baptized it was really one of the most incredible experiences in my life she has a great testimony and to explain how it went down. We had all these crazy plans from the beginning but in the end I made the decision that between the three of us we carried her in a plastic chair down into the font and we thought that we would just baptize her in the chair but we got down there and she just floated so we took out the chair and it was really incredible experience that i will never forget for the rest of my life. Also the coolest part about the whole thing is her mom was there and we wanted to teach them both from the beginning and she said "I will never join your church" and then at the baptism said "what do i have to do to be baptized" I just laughed and said "Dont worry we will teach you". It was really so cool.

The second was that we found a whole bunch of new investigators through the members which they brought to an activity where we thought we would just be there to share something with the members and get them excited but they just got us excited with all the new investigators and all the MEAT. They literally were cooking the meat for like an hour i have three different photos of them cooking meat it was so good.

The third is that we could really see the blessings of fasting through the members we told quite a few less actives to fast and pray to help a few of there family members and they loved it and i am so glad that it is all working out great for them so quickly.

All in all this week was super awesome and tons of success i hope you all can see that i truly enjoy your prayers so keep them coming my investigators can too!

ps : My brother Chris asked why dont i send some more scenery photos and less food and this week its almost all food hahaha but next week or the week after we are planning to go up to a place called lago chungura and it is gorgeous so i will be sending tons that week and i will let you all know. 

Con mucho amor
elder adams

This is the photo of The bishop, my comp, me, and Hna Ingrid

Here is some meat It was SO GOOD!