Friday, November 28, 2014

November 24, 2014

Hey whats up everybody! How is everyones plan for this week for thanksgiving haha because for me nothing changes haha there is no thanksgiving here! haha but we know a few members that said they want to have a asado (barbaque) that day so it will be dope.

Anyway for me this last week things are doing good we have had alot of things change in our mission and things are quite interesting in our mission. They have changed all the numbers and now we dont count like anything its super weird and good because now we are really focusing on the people. 

I had a good week this week but we did move one fo our dates for a baptism because he is going to be working so the baptism will be next saturday instead of this coming saturday. Also we found alot of new investigators so that has made things really fun in our area.

I hope everything is doing great back home for all my friends and family and want to wish you a happy thanksgiving. Remember to think about what you are grateful for and give back.

Also to finish i want to invite all to go to they have a new video about christmas there that all need to watch for the coming month watch it and share it with everyone this is a worldwide invitation from the church.

con mucho amor
elder adams

November 17, 2014

Hahah so i just want to start off by saying that i am just fine i have heard from my parents and my mission president that there was a big confusion that another elder adams (who i know, he was the mission financer when i came to the mission and is about to finish his mission) who got hurt somehow with his foot and is going home and my parents got an email from my president of the mission saying that your son is coming home but actualy it is him going home just a little before his time to finish his mission which stinks but i am fine.

Anyway as for my week it has been great we have been working really hard and there was some really big changes made in our mission which makes it really interesting and that we will be really focusing on only FINDING NEWS and with MEMBER lessons wich is great and really makes us change our way of teaching. As for the two dates that we set last week one is for the 29th of november and the other is for the 15th they are both so great and are truly starting there journey to see the plan that god has for us.

One of them is Teresa she is like 21 she is from the south of chile and is super energetic and happy all the time and has a real wish to know god for who he is. 
The other is Brandom he is 19 and his girlfriend is a really active member of the church and he has attended like 4-5 times so i have no worries about him. Also about brandom it was his birthday this last thursday and we got him a tie and a watch for his birthday and really liked it and said is day was really crappy so he really felt our love for him. We are also working with alot of other people but none have a true progression like they do.

Anyway i love you all so much and if any of you need anything i am here every monday to answer your questions but just remember you have the lord at any moment.

elder adams (not the other one)

November 10, 2014

So this is the first email from an actual ciber that doesnt smell like beef and cheese and it is becaue we are in a place called "jumbo" which is basically like a smiths market place and has like everything its fetching cuico (expensive).
For those of you that didnt read my email last week i am in Antofogasta now in a ward called Las Rocas. This ward is not even kidding the biggest ward in the mission. We had an attendance of 264 people in church yesterday. I hardly can belive that the ward has not been split yet but, the i have heard from a few members that they are planning on that in the next year or so. Although for now i am in the biggest ward in our mission AND the most rico/cuico (rich) people in the most expensive city in my mission. I AM SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS HERE! I have heard that every missionary that is here in this sector during christmas gets tons of gifts from members so i am fetching excited.
As for the area it is huge it is basically the area i had in taltal but tripled with a whole bunch of rich people with gates and really fetching big dogs. By the way that reminds me of a dog we found here in the area it is not even kidding on it hind heels a foot taller than me. (i am 6´3 this dog is 7´3) I named it Cerberus like the three headed dog that protects hades in the underworld in greek mythology #nerdmoment. I will send you guys a photo it is huge.
Although for all the things that have happened here i really like it i can actually find basically anything i want here i am not excluded to only a few things here and there with only a few members to help us with the ward here and there things are great and i am so excited for the baptisms that we going to have. Because when i got here we had 3 dates set and me and my comp put 2 more this last week things are going to rock this cambio.
Also for my new comp he is preety awesome basically i found my short, moreno, peruvian twin. Him and me have a lot in common except the fact that he is leaving to go home in a little less than 3 months so he is super trunky but, President called me and told me that ahead of time so i was ready for it and have figured out how to make my comp go and finish his mission strong BAPTISM his whole mission he baptized alot but this last little while he slowed down so this next two cambios we are going to baptize.
Anyway i love you all so much and hope you have a good week because i know i will. I feel your prayers each and everyday and because of that prayers are sent your way.
Also shout out to the my two football teams that had to play against eachother this last saturday and Oregon took it to Utah its a little sad and exciting. Also to my dad who recived a new calling as High Priest group leader and got set apart as a high priest on sunday that is so cool and you are such a good example for me in my life.
Con mucho amor de un elder en chile
elder adams

the first one is of the giant fetching dog cerberus
 the second is of a burger place that is mas o menos cheap and gives you a HUGE burger.
 the third is of a sign that i see every where at that place called Jumbo like smiths that basically is an in case of emergency sign.

November 3, 2014

So the crazy thing that happened this week is that we got camibos and :( It was super hard to say goodbye to all the people over there in tal tal they are truly great people and i will never forget them and the hard work they did to help the missionary work flourish in Tal tal. Although now i am in my new sector called "Las Rocas" in Antofogasta it is the largest ward in the mission and i am coming from the smallest sector in the world it will be super crazy and a huge change in my experiences and mind on the mission. Anyway except for that i am just really excited to go out and start my new sector as Only Señor Compañero of an elder who is about to end his mission. I am excited about it and our oppurtunity we have here to learn alot from eachother his name is elder Casas he is really funny and a little quite but its still only the first day will see what changes in a week.

Anyway i dont have much to say because now i am just starting this new sector but for sure i can feel your prayers each and every day and i just want to say thank you for that.

con mucho amor
elder adams
we had our last district meeting together and also a lot of birthdays happen our president and his wife also the sister avila

 the first is of sister avila and Ah quin and there cumpleaños

 the second is of a sister saying goodbye to me in turbus before we left
 the third is of an old friend from copiapò elder Gavillan that is now a zone leader here in Antofogasta so it will be super cool

October 27, 2014

WOW so this week was super interesting alot of random things happened that turned out to be super fun.

First tuesday we went to a less actives house who has so much faith and asked us if we could go to her ranch one morning and help her paint some boards. We thought yeah no problem no big deal so then the next morning we go there and she had us paint the boards and then build a fence around her huge property we spent the whole morning and afternoon there but after all that hard work we were talking with her grandson all day who was helping us and we basically explained to him what we do and who we are and about the restoration and he liked it alot but he was only going to be here for this last week so when we finished we passed him a folleto and asked if he wanted the missionarys in ovalle to pass by and he said yeah so i hope the elders over there like this great new investigator we just worked our cans off to get.

Then after that we had to prep some of the jovenes to travel to calama for a day and have a seminary activity beetween them, calama, and antofogasta and from what they told me they had only the 4 of them and they competed against tons of other jovenes in other citys and they got second so we were preety happy for them.

Then also we have found alot of new investigators in the strangest way the hermanas have had alot of blessings in there area and had started to have alot of male investigators that had women in the home so they could pass by but this last week all the women left back to there own country for a few different reasons and we picked up like 3 new investigators from them so it was preety great.

Also today we went to go look for some slippers for my comp around the house so he is not just in his flip flops so we went and met this guy who gave us some "free" shoes it turns out he is just a little crazy in the head and told us too take the shoes and try them out and see how we like them and then return them but instead we just told him no were ok and he like chased us out of the store to buy the shoes. Strangest shoe man ever!

Anyway thats basically what happened to me this week it was super weird but way fun. Also i want to let everyone know i have recieved info from my little brother chandler that UTAH beat USC 24-21 so i just want to say shove it and even though i am not there to disfrutalo in this epic moment my brothers are doing it for me. Also i would ask that you all send a prayer out to my big bro Hayden who is sick in bed this week and ask that you send blessings his way because i will be doing the same.

Thank you all for the blessings and prayers i have felt this week, i love you all so much 

con mucho amor 
elder adams