Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 19, 2015

So shout out to all yall who emailed me this week I opened my email box super happy and excited to read all of them. Thank you also for all the love and care for my feet everyone of you said that you hoped my feet feel better so thanks. They are starting to feel a little bit better. I have tryed doing a few remedys that are somewhat working but we will see.

As for this week things went good we were really happy because we were are teaching a lady who has been bedridden for years and never leaves the house because it brings her alot of pain to get out of the bed and into the chair but we saw a miracle she attended church with us this sunday and excepted a date to prepare to be baptized so we are excited how much apoyo we got from the members as well they took care of all of it basically. It was a great week also I got to see two familys from antofagasta (las rocas) again because they were up here for vacation and actually told us about there familys that live up here that are not members and so we shared with them and liked it so we will see how that comes but i am really happy where i am at.

Anyway I love you all so much and hope and pray you have a good week wich i know they will through the power of prayers and service everything can happen.

con mucho amor
elder adams

the first one is of a beautiful sunset

the second one is of the family that is from antofagasta that we were living in there house and they came up here and we taught there dad about the gospel and liked it alot.

the third is of me buying a pichanga for my one year mark Awesome

January 12, 2015

SOO my wonderful family and friends back home it is very nice to hear all of you are starting to get back into the groove of things and everything is starting back up like normal. As for little old elder adams down here in Chile in a little town called Arica i am doing so great down here. I really like my sector right now here there are alot of old people and there grandchildren it honestly feels like if this area was in the states it would be considered an old folks home but i love it its so cool and all the people are really animated and want to help us with the work its awesome.

Also i know most of you already sent me something but i just want to announce that i will be completing my hump of the mission on hump day Wahooo. Its preety awesome also i want to tell you all that this week as been interesting because i have had alot problems with my feet i got some kind of fungus or something and my skin has been falling off and now i have like red spots on the bottom of my feet and so the doctor of the mission recomended i buy new shoes and use some kind of liquid that gets rid of it so i am living with that and so today we spent this morning buying shoes and i got a nice new pillow Whahoo.

As for everything in our sector we are having some really good success with a sweet old lady who is bed riddin all the time and wants us to come over all the time and read her the "mormon bible" she really likes the storys that we teach and i really think she will be our next big baptism in fact she asked us to come over on sunday and help her to her wheelchair so she could go to church so we were super excited. she is awesome also we have another few like a guy named carlos who really likes what we have to share and wants to have this for his family its awesome. And the rest are doing great but are not has progressing like these two i could see us have a  baptism this next cambio for sure 

also to finish i hope you all have a good week and remember the lord will allways be there through you prayers and this week i can testify that the lord answers in amazing ways. I love this gospel and am so excited about this next year and the blessings i will be able to see.

con mucho amor
elder adams

 the first one is of all the stuff i recieved from home and friends i love you all so much.

the second is of my new shoes i bought today
the third is of the "january advent calendar" that was december but now since i got it like on the third of january i changed it to january calendar so its awesome.

the fourth is of my nasty feet

the fifth is of this ice cream that a member gave us that is amazing we ate like the whole thing beetween me and my comp it was so good.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 6, 2015

So for this week it was so awesome and a little hard with this time of year. We had some hard time keeping all of our appointments because we would set one and then they would go on vacation for like a month until the end of febuary and its a little frustrating at times but it just has to happen but this next month will be alot better i can feel it in my bones.

As for some of the cool stuff that we are planning for this ward we have had alot of cool ideas for this ward and the genealogy aspect and for going to the temple and we thought that actually we want to have a pioneer day here but if any of you guys have an idea because we have a few but let me know if you think of anything let me know.

I hope that you all have a good week and I will let you all know i love and pray for you each week.

elder adams
con mucho amor

gigantic adventure to a cool beach today

December 29, 2014

this week was so awesome because it was CHRISTMAS i love being in the mission during the mission you really feel so much love from everyone its incredible and i was not the slightest bit trunky this week or last week. It was really funny because i thought last year when i was preping for the mission i thought i would be so trunky during this part of the year but it was like the opposite. I learned alot about the true meaning and how much i love the people here in chile it is so awesome.

Anyway as for the week we had a preety awesome week with the members and new investigators but with the ones we do have we didnt have a ton of success because we were in the week of christmas and new years but thats ok this next coming week will be great and everything will be back to normal. 

As for waht we did today is I got a monoply of chile from a member for christmas because they know i love board games and its super awesome and me and the other 3 elders played it together it was great and to make it better i WON WHAOOOOOOOOO! It was great to just take a tiem and sit down and play a game with some buds it was nice.

Also wanted to say that this next week i am preety sure i will be in an interview with president and wont be able to write but i will write on tuesday.

Anyway i love you all so much and i just want to tell you that i hope you all have a good new years eve.

con mucho amor 
elder adams

December 22, 2014

So i have no time to write you guys but i just wanted to get on and tell you my sector is in arica called pukaraì it is super little we have alot of investigators who have not been progressing very much latley because my comp has killed like 4 elders here so i have come here to reactivate the sector apparently so its all good. The members are really nice but i am just starting to get them to know me so it will be some time before we see any real success here but its all good.

As for the week ahead for all those who want to know i am going to be skyping my family at 3 oclock your time and 7 my time. I will only have like 40 minutes. Anyway I have to go but i hope you all have a great christmas and i know the lords greatest gift our lord and savior jesus christ is the biggest gift we all recived for christmas. I hope you all remember that and have a good week.

feliz navidad de acá en chile

elder adams      ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡  !!!!!!!!!!!

December 16, 2014

So to start of and explain why my week kind of good and bad. The reason it was bad is me and my comp both got transfered to different areas. The reason is that the ward right next to us was the zone leaders sector with four elders but now the zone leaders went to our sector and they sent us to different areas and it really sucked because they didnt tell us until monday morning and i had no time to tell anyone i was leaving  we had alot of plans ready for this coming cambio but the lord knows that i need to be here in ARICA! I am know in arica in a sector called Pukaraní it sounds preety good and my comp is preety cool his name is elder childs he has a little less than 6 months in the mission and he is from Vakaville California (Shout out to hayden) he is preety sure at one point he saw you or met you and he wants to know in which sector or ward did you serve in vakaville?

As for my sector things sound preety good here and i will get to see what its like here in arica. The coolest part about arica is its one of the cheapest citys in my mission its right next to the coast and its really preety. I am like 30 minutes from the border to peru and 1 hour to the border of bolivia. It is preety cool and am excited about the new possibility that we have here.

Anyway i just want to let you all know how much i love you and pray for you guy. Remember that lord is allways there you just have to open the door and the let the light shine.

elder adams

the first one is of a remote control that actually has a buton for only soccer (only outside of the US)

the second one is of our district in antofagasta doing an activity in la feria about el es la dadiva and we got a ton of references 

 the third is of me and my old comp saying goodbye with a classic rootbeer to say goodbye it was super lame to say goodbye to him

December 8, 2014

everything this week was awesome i literally have no time to write the family or say much but that this week we had a baptism and it was great i had the oppurtunity to baptize brandom. I am super happy and have a ton of photos to send so i will spend the rest of the time with that. I love you all so much and les quiero mucho

elder adams
the first is of me and my comp having rootbeer floats it was a miracle.

 the second is of my peanut butter cookies that we made for a family home evening and the family loved them and are now telling the whole ward and we are allways hearing about it.
 the third is of the baptism and it was super great.

the fourth is of a family who we are reactivating and are incredible and its of there son wilford had his birthday

 the last is of my convert in taltal and my comp finnaly sent me the photo becuase it was when i didnt have my camera