Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21 2014

This week was so much fun let me just start off by saying this ward in maray is so awesome everybody treats us, especially me like there son. On easter every person came and gave us tons of candy to put in a basket that they gave us for easter. Its was so much fun. Also it was super funny at the beginning of the week the bishop came into the chapel while we were having district meeting and asked that me and elder butler give a talk in church i was super mad until he said that he would make us lunch on saturday if we spoke. BUT we had heard rumors about our bishop truley trying to feed missionarys to death haha no but just until they puke. So we went over there and he gave us Burgers not like little burgers they were fetching like JCW´s size burgers and he said we had to eat as many as we could, elder butler only got 3 i got 6 and now have the record for the missionarys that have eaten at his house so that made me feel sick and happy at the same time. We also have been playing this extreme game of uno called killer uno that elder sherman made it takes normal uno and blows it out of the water it is so much fetching fun. The only problem is elder gavillan gets very angry very quickly so we either cant play anymore or he just needs to relax. Now for the really good stuff this week was so awesome we placed 4 fechas and preety sure 3 of them in two weeks will be baptized and i am so excited for them the other one is very skeptical but we have been working really hard with her to get her where she is right now she used to be the type of person who would laugh and make fun of the missionarys and now is taking lessons and really listening but is just very hard hearted but we have slowly softened it her birthday was on friday and she invited us and it was super fun we actually taught a lesson in front of all her friends and got some of her friends addresses and numbers so we are going to check those out this week. But i honestly am just loving the mission, the area, and the people, the language not so much but i know with time i will love it so much more. Its funny i can preety much understand everything i just cant speak very well. Except my talk on sunday was honestly probably the best talk i have ever given but i did screw up a few words but thats one great thing about the mission you learn to not care what people think about you. I love you all so much and hope you have a good week and "feliz pascua"
elder adams


This week was so much fun and difficult at the same time. What i
mentioned last time is that i got a new companion but didnt know much 
about him. His name is elder butler he is from gilbert arizona the new 
temple that got dedicated is where he lives his brother and sister were in 
the cultural celebration. He is really chill and he says i am just so excited 
and happy all infact he calls me buddy the elf haha. Anyway he is super 
cool and we get along great and our conversations about videogames, 
boarding, and sports go on forever its awesome. One really big thing i like 
about him is he wants to be exactly obedient which makes me really happy 
and i can really see the blessings. Anyway the other two elders that we got 
in our penchant are interesting elder sherman is super funny and has taught 
me a few cords on the guitar but i am preety sure he as a little bit of anger 
issues but he is preety cool other than that. his companion elder gavillan is 
cool he was a wrestler in college for a year before the mission but he is 
really selfish and loves to voice his opinions. It is kind of hard though 
because we have only as enough stuff for two elders so we are still waiting 
for money from the mission home to buy stuff like closets and chairs and 
tables but dont worry we do have 4 beds so thats good. It is really fun in the 
penchant though with this many gringos together things get fun. Anyway it 
was really hard this week trying to basically teach 3 new people about two 
different areas while they are trying to teach me spanish but we are figuring 
it out. I am super sad becuase i have lost like half of the investigators we 
had to the other elders yeah we still get to see them at church but it is just 
not the same. But the investigators we do have are Javiera and Miguel we 
set a fecha for them on may 3 and they have been taking lessons for a 
while but there are some random important things that they dont know like 
we were talking about the spirit and they had never heard of that so we are 
just going to start of a new leaf with them and reteach it all. Then we have 
Gerrardo he is super good he has not missed  a sunday for the last 5 
weeks and we have taught him everything but just wont set a date cause he 
is scared he is going to go back to his old ways but we think we can get 
one this week. Then we have leslie she is so interesting she has read the 
whole book of mormon started doctrina y convenios and knows like 
everything about the church but just wont attend church but we finnaly got 
her to come this sunday and we are going to put a fecha for 3 weeks from 
now and hopefully she will do it. Then we have been meeting with tons of 
the members so elder butler can meet them all wich really helps me know 
the area more too. It is really great though our last mamita bailed on us 
when we got 4 elders because she just doesnot have time to make that 
much food so we asked like all of the members and met this inactive lady 
who has been through the temple and makes the best food and as agreed 
to be our mamita i am so excited about that because to be honest the last 
one gave us like no food. Anyway this was such a fun week and am so 
excited to really go to work this coming week now that both groups of 
elders have the areas down thank you for all the emails and pictures i love 
you all so much.

con mucho amor 
elder adams

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7 2014

This week was really funny to read everyones emails and concerns about the
earthquake and just to expalin i am in copiapo a little over an hour from the coast and where it was the worst iquique is about 14 hour drive and arica is a 22 hour drive. Remember my mission is one of the biggest in the world haha but thank you for all the emails. Now for my week and for my info about the earthquakes here. The first earthquake happened while we were meeting with one of our investigators at her appartment at the kitchen table it started at first a small shake so we thought it would be just another small one but then we felt the table move more and more until my cup of water almost tipped over so we picked up our stuff and started walking out the door but then it stopped. It was preety intense but then we just went back to our lesson about you guessed it Castidad (chastity). The second one happened while we were asleep i am such a heavy sleeper i didnt even feel it but apparently jimenez did and he said he woke up to the bed moving back and forth for about 10 seconds and then stopped. Overall for everyone near the coast especially in the north it has been hard the lines for the super market in iquique and arica are like you would see on black friday so its preety nuts and there is alot of water in the streets for them but they have been pumping it out everyday i think its done but not sure. Then for the week in my last email i said i thought that in these new transfers i wouldnt be going anywhere and that was true but jimenez is leaving for iquique ahahah YES. I am going to meet my new comp. this afternoon his name is elder butler he has been in the mission for about a year and was comps in the mtc with elder paxman a good bud of mine and he says he is really spazy but fun so i will update about that. Also we got two other elders added to the penchant Elder sherman we just picked him up he is super cool he is from AF and a total hipster but he is super awesome and said he is going to teach me to play the guitar wahoo. and Elder Gavian he is apparently latino but we are picking him up at the same time as my comp but apparently he is latino but has the worst latino accent and he is from florida so it is going to be bad we have a gringo penchant its going to be so much fun! Also because we have two new elders we are taking our huge sector and spliting it i am mad and happy about it because it was hard to give all of our investigators the time they deserved but also i am going to miss teaching that side of the sector but, we will still see them at church. Also i have had alot of questions about general conference and just to start off it was So AWESOME! every single talk i really enjoyed and we got to watch all of the sessions in english so i actually understood everything it was really fun we had every english elder brought together into the stake meeting room and watched it with tons of snacks and cookies the hermanas made it was super fun. I dont really have a favorite one but i do have a few things to say about it. They all spoke about the same topics and used the same scriptures mainly to Discipleship (bringing others of another faith and of no faith and teaching them about the gospel), pornograph, technology, and the lords life. My favorite word they had used a tonwas ROCK i had been studying in the scriptures and finding where they used that word at different times before the conference and when alot of them spoke about that i got excited. I also took so many notes and am excited about studying different topics they brought up and incourage you all to do the same. i have some pics to send you guys but totally forgot my camera at the penchant so next week i will send them. Anyway everything has changed alot and i am really excited to see the difference between teaching with another gringo. i hope that i included everyones questions if i didnt just ask them again. i love you all so much and hope you all have a great week.
-Elder Adams

This picture is the blast radius for the earthquake and remington is in copiapo (in the bottom of the picture).

Week march 31 2014

This week was so strange there were so many random things that happened to such a normal week. What i mean by that is throughout the week it was preety normal but, there were alot of just random weird things that happened i will expalin in more detail. At the beginning of the week we were walking down the street and all of a sudden this school band comes out of no where and playes super loud following us down the street and had me (no joke) ring the cowbell haha it was so awesome i wish i had gotten a picture of it. Then one of our investigators gave us his pack of cigaretts so he wouldnt be tempted to smoke and we said that it would be better if the temptation was around but we did something to help haha (view picture 2) then another investigator we were right in the middle of a lesson when all of a sudden there cat walks in and basically falls over and just starts squealing and right there next to me she had 4 kittens it was preety freakin nasty. It was really cool too we met this guy who was riding his bike and then out of know where this truck runs into his bike and we were like 10 yards from it. I was so blown away i couldnt take a picture cause the cabineros wouldnt let me but just know it was horrible. Also throughout the week we had 4 earthquakes they werent huge but they were big enough that you saw the table and the lamp move. All those things were so random but other than that this week was preety normal. We have been really working hard with alot of different people its hard to meet with all of them because we basically have to cover two sectors for know but our zone leaders told us after General conference is the end of the cambio and we will either be getting two new elderes or hermanas to cover maray A ( we are in maray B to clarify) but it has been really great. Now for all the questions from everybody especially my mom. Random food items are preety normal but you cant buy milk bigger than 1 liter it really sucks and they are like 2 dollars for one. but bread is really good but weird it has like sourdough taste too it but they bake it into two rolls stuck together. I wont be having transfers this cambio because i am still under the 12 week program so i will be here for another cambio (also a cambio is a transfer). Yes i am significantly taller than everyone about 6 inches to everybody and the houses are tiny so i have to bend down alot of the time. Sorry this week was so short but i know next week will be a big one because of general conference so excited for that oppurtunity to listen to our prophets and apostles. I wish i would have taken this addvantage more when i was younger to really understand the significance and oppurtunity we all have. Also a challenge for everyone "write down a question you have to the lord and listen to every talk in general conference and i promise it will be answered" I love you all so much, have a good week

elder adams

the first is just of this guy who was doing tricks on this giant stump super cool

the second pic is of the pack of cigarets we took from our investigator we put pictures of christ all over it i am just sending the front.