Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

This week was quite an interesting one. It was really fun but when we came to the end of the week we were able to see that we did almost everything we could to have what we got.

 We had by the end almost no lessons with investigators but a ton of less actives and recent converts but the reason for that is because we had to travel to Chañaral again on this last monday until tuesday and got a little work done then we traveled to antofogasta on wendsday for the dentist again but the good news about the whole thing is that i saw a miracle and a half where my papito showed up in the terminal at Turbus Elder Butler it was so awesome to see him again and catch up on how things are in the mission. Then we went back to tal tal late! Went to bed and Worked our cans of Thursday and Friday and on Saturday we had a super cool Carnaval (Water fight) in the grounds of the church for all the jovenes i have phots but they are in the church and forgot to take them off so i think i will send them next week. Then sunday we had some cool new investigators in there that are chinese and they are so dope one speak three languages and the other two (spanish, chinese, and english) it is super cool.

Also this week was super fun because we went Fishing TWICE it was so dope because in chañaral we went with the president of the branch over there for a few hours before our bus left and then today we did it solo here and we caught all together 5 fish it was super cool.

Anyway i love you all so much and hope you have a good week  and remember not to worry because the lord will watch over you and protect you because you are allways in my prayers.

elder adams
 the first one is of the president in Chañaral showing off

the second one is the two fish me and my comp caught

 the third is of my comp completely snoring on the bus to antofogasta. People kept telling me to poke him or something haha
 the fourth one is of my plaque on the coast

 the fifth is of my comp and the fish we got today. Also the one closest to him was massive like the size of my calf.

the sixth is of the beautiful chilean coast.

October 6, 2014

I would like to start of by saying the lord truly works in mysterios ways. This week was so great, Hard but in the end the lord takes a sharp stone and through pressure he shapes something beautiful.

This week at the beginning me and my companion have been really pushing to put some new goals, new investigators, and crazy ideas. So we started the week with monday and we spent the entire monday looking, and looking for someone to teach there was nobody they all left for the week to familys in antofogasta to watch conference together. Then i got a huge tooth ache and got sent to antofogasta and they filled a cavity which took out our entire wendsday. Then thursday we had planned to meet with someone who was going to get baptized this week but it turns out he lied to us and is only 17 but really wants to get baptized and his parents refuse to sign the baptism paperwork. So that was really rough. Friday we did an activity with some of the teenagers that are here and it was the first thing that went well we cleaned up the chapel and cleaned the beach. Then we watched conference the first day wich was absoulutly incredible but the saddest part is that eveytime i heard some of the talks there were certain  people who we asked to come and didnt that truly needed to hear that talk. Then the next day we asked them to come and they didnt come and told us straight up they dont want anything. So on our walk to the chapel we were really discouraged and sad and that is when we met a family of colombians who we pass by all the time saying hi and they came up to us and asked what we really do? we explained and asked if they would like to come listen to a few messages that we know will change your life, and when elder bednar gave that talk about people who arent members this family asked us how this stuff all works and so we talked to them and now we have a family of three to work with. I really didnt complete any of the goals that we put but i honestly think that they will be baptized very soon they had the light of the spirit in there eyes. I am so happy that when i feel discouraged and feel like i am doing eveything possible to help the lords work he is just waiting to pour out blessings up on us that we dont have room to recieve them.

I love you all so much and hope you all have a good week and remember to apply the wonderful talks for all of us in our lives.

elder adams

ps i love that like every talk given they said something about our beloved prophet it really impressed me.

September 29, 2014

As allways my week was really great. Also it looks like all of your too everybody seems to be doing really well back home. Especially want to give a shout out to my brother hayden who did basically a "make a wish" program for a kid in pleasant grove who is a sick terminal kid and he came over in his IRON MAN suit wich he made it is super dope if you want to see the pictures my mom has them at they are so cool and want to give congrats to him.
So for my week at the beginning we found some OLD baptism paperwork in the filing cabnets of the church and so we have been looking for these members and have found alot of information on them and have started reteaching them and we got one to come to church this last week so it was really cool.
Also we did divisions with the zone leaders in our sector so we got alot of numbers this week so thats good. Although the real reason they came over was to do the baptism interview with our investigator Luis who will be having his baptism this friday before conference so we are so excited for him but we are a little worried to because we still need the signature of his dad and we will know tomorrow if he will sighn or not if not no big deal we will postpone the baptism until november when he turns 18 but the most important thing his that he really wants it!
Anyway thats basically it for my week I would hope that all of you have a good week and remember to keep luis in your prayers tonight so his dad will sighn the paper and we can see a miracle. I love you all so much
elder adams

September 22, 2014

To start of i just want to let you all know i changed the subject of this letter to all capitals because i realized i send the same thing every week and just wanted to see if anyone noticed. If you did you are my number one fan (mom and aunt Jeanette)

Anyway so my week this week was super exciting and fun as allways every week in the mission field you learn something, have tons of great lessons, have a giant rash, or all at once. It is the best time of my life. So this week we had our transfers and........ I ....... AM .......... STAYING HERE!!! WOWOWOWOW haha but its really what i wanted i still have tons more planned to do in this wonderful little city. Especially with investigators. I have three right now that i just cannot wait to see in the waters of baptism. One is Luis he is the coolest guy ever he is a mechanic and is going to school and hardly has time for the missionarys because is busy all the time but when we do teach he asks specifically what we are missing before baptism. =0 also the other two are a husband and wife. Luz and carlos they have a kid in santiago who served a mission and they have traveled all over the world and seen so many places and food. I LOVE THERE FOOD. She is peruvian and makes the best food we are trying to convince her to be our mamita. Also they are so close to having a fecha and am preety sure they will accept.

So what happened this week was really cool we went to chañaral again and had a conference with our president of the mission and the assitants so it was super fun and we did a cool activity to get revelation for our sectors and i felt like i had three angels around me. I have some really cool plans for our sector. Also after we had an intercambio between elders and had a barbaque for a branch activty it was super dope. Then the rest of the week was slow and fun. Slow because it was the week of september 18 the 4th of july of chile they take basically the whole week off, everything is closed and everyone travels and aton of people travel here so it was cool to send out tons of references to other elders but it sucked for us. The reason it was fun is they make asados (barbaques) for like every meal and i have never eaten so much meat (fat kid status). Also that is another thing people have asked is if i am getting fat. No not really i am basically the same i have lost some of my muscle but i am still just about the same.

Also so sunday we thought nobody was going to show cause everyone was traveling but we actually had a ton of investigators and members from other parts of the country it was really cool. Then today we went fishing and got some crabs and cooked a soup for lunch it was super good.

Anyway that is my week and i hope you guys keep up the prayers because they are the biggest help for me and my investigators so thankyou. And the same thing is coming your way.

con mucho amor de un elder en Chile
elder adams
 the first one is of one of the five crabs we caught

 the second is me and my comp at the bonfire.
the third is of my zone leader, me, and a kid who just got his call to argentina

September 15, 2014

Wow so first i want to say thanks for all the emails from the friends and family. I had alot this week to read so if this email is short i am sorry. Anyway for my week.

The first of we had a preety tough week because we ran into three new problems this week. The first one is a fisherman that we met who was totally drunk and we talked for a little bit and then passed the next day and he was sober and crying about his wife and kids that left him and how he feels super alone. So we taught him a little about the restoration and jesus christ in five minutes and he insisted that we pass by the next day. So we stopped by every day the whole week and he wasnt there. Ugh. Then this other family who we have been teaching for awhile has been really good but then out of know where we stop by and apparently they moved to antofagasta. THe other was one of our solid investigators who still is good and comes to church but when we set up an appointment he allways bails last minute and it sucks cause we plan for it and set things up so it will work and then nothin. Ugh 

Although not to worry we had one of the best activtys this week thanks to all the extra time we had and not to mention this week is the week basically of fourth of july for CHILE so we had a huge activity called "fiestas patrias" it was rocking we had food, games, a talent show, and then native dances. It was so great.

Then on sunday we had tons of people we thought would be able to speak but ended up super sick so we had me, a sister missionary, and the president of the branch speak it really was just frustrating but we are going to have the same people speak this coming week.

Also we have cambios coming this week so next email i will be letting you know if anything crazy happened because these cambios i could stay or leave i really dont know but, I really want to stay there are some investigators here who i really want to see baptized before i leave.

To end i just want to answer the questions my mom has because i know she is probally the only person who reads this whole email but not to worry I love you mom. I did get my debit card and preety soon here i will buy a new camera and send alot of photos like before. I eat alot of salmon, shrimp, and there are alot of japanese people here so sushi too, but my favorite is sword fish it is so good. Yeah my comp is fine he and i have no idea what happened it was really weird the whole thing. Of course i still do all the finances, all the activtys, and mutuals for the jovenes. I hope that is it if you have more let me know.

I hope you all stay good and remember i keep you in my prayers.
con mucho amor

elder adams

September 8, 2014

Sorry i am writing super late but i was on a bus all day and barely got off with engough time to write you guys with permision from president, but i will get to why i was on the bus later. So this week was super fun and interesting we started the week with the zone conference which was super awesome which i talked about in the last email alot but the rest of the week was really fun applying what i learned from the video.

OH random fact we had our time change yesterday so now i think i am a 5 hour difference from you guys. Right now it is 8:10 pm

So to explain the majority of the week. Through the video we figured out what to do with some of our investigators and less actives we have. For one we had is our mission leader who is super inactive and doesnt help us with the mission stuff at all but what we taught him on thursday about the importance of marriage and blessing waiting for you after the mission he was literaly in tears and came to church.

Another family who has not come to church the whole time i have been here. We stopped by them to teach a family home evening and they came to church.

Also we found 3 solid new investigators from just talking to everybody this week was truly impressive all the blessings we recieved. Until the end of the week when it hit sunday my comp had a serious pain in his knee and we went to a members house and said your knee is like screwey or whatever so p-day we went to antofogasta went to the hospital and there was nothing wrong with it. (my first thought was WHAT THE FETCH). So then we came back and now i am in a little old ciber that doesnt work very well because all of the normal ones are closed.

Although i think that the best thing is that my comp doesnt have any real problems he just has a really rough bruse or something. So there you go another blessing to.

 I really love you all and hope you have a good week

elder adams

September 1, 2014

Sooo this week there was alot of very interesting things that happened but before we get to that i just want to say, I have never been so filled up and thrown down in the same day as today. I will let you all think of what i mean by that through this email.
This last monday was really fetching fun we went to the beach and played soccer with some jovenes and then went and lunch with two of our investigators who are peruvian. Since the mission i have now declared peruvian food is probably my favorite of all next to indian and japanese but the AJI (hot sauce) they make is so amazing they make it in so many different flavors, colors, and tempature of heat you want down your throat. IT is so great! After that we cleaned up the house of a menos activo who needed us to clean her patio

Tuesday we spent the morning making cards to put in little almacens (stores) that have free laminas of jesus and has our number and at the end of the week we stop by the almacens and they have a few names for us. It has gotten us a few this week. Then the rest of the day was preety normal.

 Wendsday we took alot of the time building a members house whos roof is falling apart and cant and we wont let him move around too much otherwise he will probably die he is like 85 and super ricity but has the heart of a war horse.

Thursday the power in all of tal tal went out at about 6 and it was like pitch black cause the sun wasnt out nor the moon the stars were unbelivable we had a lesson outside with the same two peruvians from monday and talked about the plan of salvation and word of wisdom and set some serious goals for carlos he has been smoking since he was 13 and he is 76 so we talked about it and he is really wanting to change but it will be a slow change. ONE of the best lessons of my mission. 

Friday we made peaunut butter bars for the english class and they absolutly adored them and we got some new people in there from street contacts wanting to learn english. It was super fun.

Now for saturday we spent the whole day in the chapel setting up for three girls birthdays that we celebrated in the chapel and had kareoke at first no one was singing and then i sung eye of the tiger and every body loved it and then it all started it was really fun.

Then Sunday was literaly a miracle i didnt have to do anything in the branch everybody was ready to speak and the teachers all showed. It was so reliving but then president had to leave really early so our meetings were really rushed and after that we only had time for a few lessons cause we had to travel at 6 but i have never felt like one days time was more used every second the whole day we used to get help someone or teach something before we left.

Now today we are in chañaral we had a zone meeting and alot of things changed this month but the coolest and craziest thing happened we watched a video of one of president uchtdorfs talks with the area presidency and the coolest part about it is those videos are protcted by the church and are not brodcasted or shown any where else but our mission got special permission to show it to the elders and there was things in it that have changed the way i look at the mission and especially the sacrament. The way and things i took from it spirtually tore me to pieces and built me up all at the same time. It was amazing

Anyway that was my week i hope you all have a good week and want to let you know as all ways there are allways prayers to be made and one for each and every one of you and hope you can feel those blessings through this next week.

elder adams