Monday, November 23, 2015

November 9, 2015

Well all in all this week was good but flew by so fast that i didnt even have time to blink and it was sunday. This week at first the big thing was that we had our mission Council and that was so awesome you really learn a lot of great things that you can apply in so many different ways in your life we have a lot of plans to help turn the mission into a machine to baptize. Also we talked alot about something super awesome that we are going to get to Elder Cook, and a few 70's in a few weeks because they will be coming to our mission and all the missionaries from the whole mission will be traveling down to antofagasta to see it so it will be expectacular and i am super pumped.

Also this week i am not going to lie i hate some weird fatty things this week. First of all we ate cow foot and the grossest part was they didnt peel of the skin part so it was all hairy on top of the rice i literally the first time in my mission after eating a little bit i couldnt do it and finished my rice and left the rest of the crap on the plate. Also to celebrate a baptism we had in the ward but from the other elders we bought 3 pichangas which are just basically frys, meat, and egg but these i thought would be normal size there normaly pretty big anyway but these suckers were enormous i felt as if i had entered into some eating contest for man vs food.

Also it was super fun today we woke up at 4 in the morning and we went with some investigators and hiked a huge mountain thats right next to the ocean so we had some good plans to get some shots of the sunrise and the ocean from up there but the sad part is we got to the top and it was completly covered in clouds but we had been promised from the investigator that when we get to the top will be able to see everything it was a lie. Although it was still super fun but after coming back down and seeing the path we took i am sure we took the hardest route up because it at some points was literaly 45* angle which i have photos to prove it.

Although as for the week and the work we decided to work and make sure that we are retaining all of our members and investigators so we met with a whole bunch this week and it was awesome we saw the attendance go up alot in the last two weeks its gone up 30 so thats great but we are still missing more. All in all we had a great week and i am super pumped for the next little while.

elder adams

ps new photos!2557&authkey=!ALavgX5Qh1PnGGI&ithint=folder%2c

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 2, 2015

First HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This week was super fun because i didnt feel like it was halloween at all until the day of so that was good because here in the mission its different although it was super fun we went to a party with some investigators and it was a blast we met a whole bunch of people around the block of where they live so that is cool and we will see if we can get over and teach them this week.
Also the other cool thing that happened is that finally we were able to move into the church building where we belong to because before we were attending another really far away because ours was under construction but this week finally we got back to our chapel and it was my first week there so it was cool and we had a way better attendance because everyone told us during the months that they will start going again when we go back to the church closer so it was a good sunday for that also we got to have fast and testimony meeting so that was cool and it was really incredible how much success we had after church we went out and found 4 new familys all in the same night it was awesome we are just waiting to get them into the font they are so awesome.
All in all it was really a great week and i saw alot of miracles with the lords hand in my life and i cant be any happier then where i am right now i love this work, the lord, and his people they frustrate me alot but they are really great and i love this gospel and i know that he prepares a way always if we ask in sincere prayer.

con mucho amor
elder adams

ps new photos of halloween
     a spider smashed by my comp that was in his bed
     also what is a flea market like here in chile (super big)!2510&authkey=!ALQdJ0qJHKjH4X8&ithint=folder%2c

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 25, 2015

Well i am sorry i dont have a ton of time to write this week last week i had tons but this week we went on another trip with a sweet member brother Hurtado he is the best we went to a ton of little towns in the interior of chile in the straight desert but it was cool.

As for the week we had awesome success with finding through the people we have and doing what we like to call the chain of refrences where you go to a house you ask for a reference to another and you go there and do the same thing until doing that more than two, three, or more and by the end you find the person perfectly ready for the gospel its awesome. We found 9 this week and have been working our cans off to keep track of all the people we are working with.

All in all great week a lot of really fun times and hilarious moments with my comp we are passing it good. Also i am super happy and am excited for the next couple of weeks because we have found a lot but we are just trying to discern who is going to be the one in the end to be baptized and keep going strong.

Lots of love

elder adams

ps new photos for the week!2496&authkey=!AGHsCRjxkTNEYyg&ithint=folder%2c

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 19, 2015

This week was super fun we had ATON OF BLESSINGS. For example we found !!12!! new families they are super cool. Also things are going good here with them they are all like super prepared to hear the gospel. Also we got to spend our tuesday with our zone having our zone meeting it went good and it was really fun because we announced some great stuff that will be happening in this next month for our mission. We found out that we will be getting to see Elder Cook and some of the presidency from the area south america south, elder Suarez and elder Gonzalez they are all super awesome so i am super excited. Also we invited all our zone to be able to get some serious work done and we put big goals and we are super excited to see some baptisms in the next couple of weeks.

Also this week was known as the week of PAN DE PASCUA (FRUIT CAKE) This week my comp bought something quite strange it was fruit cake but mysteriously it was really good and it was super funny one morning my comp picks up the fruit cake and starts dancing and asks me if i see anything weird and looking up from my scriptures the first thing i say Pan de pascua and he just starts busting out laughing because i didnt realize it was his dancing that was weird it was the fact that he was dancing with pan de pascua haha it was a moment quite dumb but hilarious.

All in all great week also i just want you all to know that the plans they sent me i sent them to prep you guys so that whatever happens you know when i am getting back. ALthough it just makes me even more sad to think things are getting close although i am super excited to get out and work and i know that the things that are happening right now are things that i will only get to see for the next 2 months so i am really enjoying my time dont worry.

Love you all so much and remember that i love you and pray for you all and know the lord is blessing all of us daily.

con mucho amor
elder adams

ps photos of me and my comp with empanadas and pan de pascua
and the really just a whole vending machine of only cocacola!2339&authkey=!AF-gKF4YnH0QNok&ithint=folder%2c

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October 11, 2015

Well this week was rough at first and then got better. Because, well at the beginning of the week i had to take care of all the tranfers of missionaries, missionary trainers, and we had our counsel with president so we had to be in the bus staion at like 1 in the morning because its like the only bus that comes so i had to be there like every night this week and it was terrible. Although, at the end of the week we had tons of fun and success so that was good so in the end it was all worth it.

i got my new comp and he is super weird but he makes me laugh a ton. Like the whole week I was laughing my butt off. Well my comp just came from the office and his name is elder erickson he has like 15 months so he has time. he is from st. george. We are both rocking it here in alto hospico we both are super animated and the members love it and can feel all the happyness that we have its super fun.

Also i am sorry that last week i didnt say much about general confernce because i was really sick and wasnt thinking right but as for general conference it was really an incredible experience that i learned a lot and got alot of inspiration for after the mission and for our zone and investigators it was really a full weekend of inspiration.

As for our investigators we are working with a ton of people so its hard to focus on just a few but for sure in the next couple of weeks we should be getting some of them married and baptized but the next couple of people will be tamara or dania they are both different girls that have different families and they both have big desires to be baptized but they have just a few problems so we have been waiting to see when we could get them ready but we will know next week.

So all in all it was a great week and love you all so much and hope the best for ya take care this week and remember to PONDERIZE

elder adams
sirviendo en lo mejor misión del mundo

sorry here is the photos i promised!2094&authkey=!AGnHXydt331cEV0&ithint=folder%2c

Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

Well to be honest this was pretty rough haha because well first at the beginning of the week we were super good and working hard getting it done and then out of no where in the middle of the night i got like horribly sick and threw up all night. Then felt better and the next day still hurt my stomach but didnt need to throw up. But then i did again and this is how it went until today so it has been pretty bad but i talked to the doctor and they gave me some meds so lets hope that helps.

Also we got our cambios of course my comp was leaving because i had to kill him and that was really hard to be honest it made me trunky watching him say goodbye, packing the bags, and leaving it was rough because me and him got super close but its all good i will see him later. Although as for me i am staying in Alto Hospico and my new comp will be elder Erickson i know him because he was just barely in the office but i dont know him super well so it will be fun i am excited.

As for the investigators that we have i honestly dont know where to start but i will just get to the big one that broke my heart. We had planned out a baptism for a girl named tamara but she hadnt asked her dad yet and we had shared with him before and he was super cool and liked it but didnt want to commit himself to anything so we just said ok and taught his daughter and mom and i have heard now that her dad does not want her to get baptized so this week is going to be all about helping them and get the date set so that it goes through. Also if they dont get done these coming weeks for sure we have like 3 other familys that were teaching that should be getting baptized so we will see what we can get this week so lets hope for the best.

All in all not a horrible week just not the best but i know these next couple weeks will be better so that gives me alot of animo to get out and work. Well i love you all and hope the best for you all. Hope you have a good week.

Elder adams

sorry forgot my camara next week i will have alot of photos

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 28, 2015

This week was awesome and super weird i think looking back at some of my weeks during the mission there almost always this way haha. Well as for the week it all started with us cleaning out our old pension....

well so this week i want to name it the week of animals, insects, and revelation. This week i had to start of by cleaning out our old house because we just barely moved so that sucked but while we were in the house we went out into the patio and found a giant spider and my comp being who he is he trapped it in a plastic box and then we found another big one and we left them in there together to see what happenes and we filmed an epic battle of them it was crazy. Also we met a less active who has bunnys and she has like a ton and grazes them basically every three weeks she has more baby bunnys its a factory of bunnys!!! haha but they're awesome also one of our investigators showed me a weird rat hedge hog thing and it moves so slow and it is super relax it doesnt do anything it made me want one but then it poked me and decided that i better not. All in all crazy

Also the revelations now when we started on thursday the day i was super tired and had no desires to even move because i have been kind of sick and i felt my whole insides like grinding and angry haha but i told my comp that i know i need to buy a banana but i dont want to buy cause we dont have time so we went out worked our butts off and when i was really like right about to pass out we go over to an investigators house and she says elders you look tired here drink some water and eat this BANANA! It was super funny and i couldnt believe that god would bless me with a banana it was awesome and that god really has his hand in all things and the best part is that same lady we found a new family through them and then another family through the other so it was really blessings for the sector and my sickness haha.

All in all great week i had a blast today we went and did sandboarding on hill called dragon hill (cerro de dragón) it was super cool and its super hard to control you just have to go straight down you cant try to turn or move at all because then you get stuck but it was super fun.

elder adams
con mucho cariño

ps: new photos!2079&authkey=!AA5-EoYZ4uTLdEA&ithint=folder%2c

Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

Well this week was crazy!!! because of three huge things one the earthquake, two 18th of September, and a huge activity that we had for the branch. Although let me explain why

First the earthquake to be honest i barley felt it at all the only reason i knew that it happened was because we felt that like a giant ball moved below our feet and we heard the door moving like the wind was picking up a ton but then there were some plants right next to me that moved a lot we thought it was just a tremor which happen a ton but then we saw on the news in the street that it was an earthquake close to the capital way far away but really for Chile that's nothing they have the record for the biggest earthquake in the world 9.3 or something like that.

Second this past week was also the Chilean independence day the 18th it was super crazy but the funny part is that its not just that day its like the whole week. Although i never thought i have eaten so much meat in my life in the three days we ate 8 barbecues it was death and not like hamburgers like MEAT! It was super good i love 18 de septiembre

Third we had an activity for the branch that they have been planning forever which was about that the 18 de septiembre it was super cool we had classic dances, games, food, and tons of things so tons of investigators and members got to get to know each other in a none awkward way super great.

All in all great. When you know at the end of the week all you want to do is rest you know it was a good week.

ps the new photos are in this link!1826&authkey=!AHHJmjNr1UnG2zU&ithint=folder%2c

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 14, 2015

Well this week was AWESOME! Can i just say that the lord really blessed us aton this week because we had 10 investigators in sacrament meeting this week and it got the whole branch super excited about what we need to be doing in the branch.

Although this week was rough as well because we wanted so hard to get three investigators ready with a date and everything for this up coming week and they just were not ready so we ended up just a little sad. Also another thing is that i have been dieing from the flu this week and like everyone is too so we are suffering but now it is starting to pass by so thats good.

I love you all so much and hope you all have a great week and wish the best for this week.

elder adams

ps: i now have a one drive and will be sending you guys the links every week of the new photos.


September 7, 2015

This week flew by and i will give all the details on what happened. This week we had counsel with president and it was super cool because he gave me and elder rodriguez time to share about references and how we can use them more.

Also on Thursday like right before we went to bed i hear from the other room of the elders them scream like little girls so we go running in and they said that there was a rat in there at first we didn't believe them then it ran past my foot and i screamed (manly of course) haha but then we spent the next hour trying to kill it and when we finally got it I WAS THE ONE TO GET IT! I threw a shoe at it and broke the neck i felt sad and good. Also i found a giant moth that i also killed it was a crazy killing spree. I don't know if that sounds super good coming from a missionary but oh well.

Also today was super cool we went on a huge trip with a member and it was super fun we went to a city called pica and we took a wrong route and got to a giant underground thermals and salt area it was super cool and tough because we thought we weren't going to make it back because we didn't bring a great car for offroading but that's what we did. I will be sure to send the photos next week

love you all so much and hope you have a great week.

elder adams

Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

Wow this week was some crazy stuff hahah. First off lets get started with explaining that i get to alto hospicio (for short) alto and my sector is los aromos which is super cool because i knew a few converts in antofagasta that live here so that's cool but, then they tell me that this transfer is going to fly because we have like a ton of things to plan and take care of by the end of the transfer which is super true i felt it this week we spent quite a few nights waiting at the bus terminal for elders to get there and walking like all the sectors doing inspeccions of apartments.

Also not to mention this sector is huge and we have a ton of new investigators that i am just getting to know so maybe next week i will be able to talk about them a little more but this week we were teaching a family called the family saez they are super cool and they are going to be our next baptisms probably in like 2 weeks but we will see. 

As for today it was super fun we are living with another two elders called Elder reid and elder palpa. Elder reid is from orem and elder palpa just started his mission and is from lima peru they are both super cool and today we went and hung out down by the beach in iquique and the zofri which is just a giant mall but it was super cool because i have heard about it like the whole mission that it is super cheap but its a lie its just a little cheaper.

All in all great week.
con mucho amor 
elder adams
 we played a little Frisbee by the beach it was super fun
 the central tower in iquique
 us with a few members on his birthday super awesome this family
 a photo of me in our sector on a street called reborn and miracles
 also it was my comps birthday so i made him a cake

Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

Well to be honest this week was really crazy because we had tons of stuff to do and take care of but the big key points of the week are...

On Wednesday we had our interviews with our president of the mission and he basically told me a lot of cool things but two big ones. One that i will be going home the 29th of December and get to salt lake on the 30th so all y'all who have been asking me when i will be getting home i will be getting home the 30th. Second he told me that i was going to get transferred and that i was finish my mission in...........a great place that i don't the desert...........and kind of by the coast...............that i have heard many good things about.......THAT IS.....................................
.......................................(pause for effect)...............................................
......................................ALTOHOSPICIO................................................YEAH AHAHYEAH EHAY YEAH EYA EHAY DH EHYA EY DHAY HEYAH 

Hahah no but yeah i am super excited its a place just outside of iquique because iquique like a big dome and we are at the top of the dome. I have heard my whole mission about it that's its super cheap, tons of dogs, funny people, and all good. So i am so excited to go there and not to mention i will be doing something i have not done before KILLING AN ELDER! Well his name is elder Rodriguez he is super cool i know him a little he served in the mission office for a time so i am excited to really get to know him also i am staying as a zone leader so that will be cool and i am excited to meet my new zone.

Then after the interviews I went and had exchanges with the assistants they are super cool. I learned a ton and we were able to find a ton in there sector it was super fun.

Then as the week went on i was saying goodbye to all my converts and friends from the ward so that was hard but there things have to pass with missionary's but it makes it hard because sometimes you leave part of your heart in your sectors so right now i am almost without a heart haha. Although i always like to say "changes are always good" 

Also quite a few good friends in the mission are finishing today and one of the elders in our apartment finished today and we took him to the mission office it was super fun and hard to say good bye to him "REST IN PEACE"

All in all great week and i am super pumped for all the things i  have waiting for me in Alto hospicio and hope you all enjoy your next couple weeks getting back into the whole school thing again haha.

con mucho amor
elder adams

this is a photo of one of my good buds here in Antofagasta Oscar and is wife cindy, she is from idaho and oscar is from Antofagasta they are super cool
 This is the photo of my mamita and papito and the family they are people i will never ever forget and they have a big part in my heart.
this is the family of our other mamita who live next door they are so awesome and always gave us so much love and food they were super awesome.
 this is a photo of the four of us with our mamita eating with them before I leave and for elder ruanos send off.
this was a delicious sea food barbaque we had together with our papito and it was AMAZING
Quite a few good friends finished there missions today but i had the great opportunity to send off this fool. So i got to put the "Rest in Peace"

August 17, 2015

Well as for this week it went super great we spent a lot of the week working really hard on finding news so that this next week it all goes good. Because this next week are transfers so i am pretty sure i am leaving but we also have interviews with our president this Wednesday so I will probably know what will go on after the interview so i can get ready a little ahead of time but who knows.

Although the reason that we have been really looking hard is because i don't want to leave this sector with only a few investigators so this week we were able to find some really cool people in the streets who have actually heard the missionary's before and want to listen to us again because they are Colombian and they are super cool we were also able to find a family from Ecuador and Peru that are just super great and i am sure we are going to get some serious baptisms this next transfer if i don't leave but if not i will still be baptizing while not being here.

All in all we had a great week and we were able to have some intercambios with some elders in our zone and get them ready to go home we have two elders going home next week so we wanted to make sure there ready and make sure there working hard haha they are super good and animated.

Well i hope you all have a great week and will keep you all in my prayers 

con mucho amor 
elder adams

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 10, 2015

Well this week was pretty crazy. First of all lets just talk first off about what happened yesterday and what i think will happen again. Yesterday literally a natural disaster happened here in antofagasta it RAINED! Haha really it is pretty crazy because everyone here has houses built for less than 2 mm of water in a year and that's it its not accustomed to 16mm of rain that poured yesterday so everyone's houses got like flooded and we did a ton of service and during the last classes of church everyone went home to fix there roofs so they don't fall in from the rain.

As for the work things are good this week we worked a lot with all the news that we found last week and are trying to get them going most of them are really tough but with time we know they will come around because they told us they really want to change. Although we are just going to have to wait for those.

All in all the week for me flew by really the weeks are going by faster and faster it scares me some days. It makes really sad that soon here my time in the mission will be over. Although for this time i got to just use all i have got to get what the lord has waiting for me. Also that includes you guys i want to you all to really look at yourselves and think "am i really where the lord sees me". Love you all and hope you guys the best week

con mucho amor y cariño
elder adams

Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015

Well this week was AWESOME! It got me super up about the rest of this transfer and our sector and the potential it has. The reason is because we had been having quite a hard time figuring out who was going to be the person out of the investigators that we had that would be ready for baptism but then we go to a meeting with our president and he totally made us feel like we need to just get our buts back in gear with a lot of cool ideas for the wards. Not to mention we found a ton of new investigators this week thanks to that so we are super excited about teaching new people and making it so our agenda never has the same name day by day.

as for the rest of the week we also had the attendance go up at the ward and the members brought a ton of investigators to church so things have been going super good here i love it when things work like they should. Then they showed me up one more after we had ward counsel we all went out to go visit some less actives so that was super cool to feel the help from the ward about who we are teaching.

Except for that today we went out to go shopping in centro and we bought a game called monopoly deal it is the most competitive game i have seen almost as much as soccer. All in all great week and wanted to send a shout out to my grandpa who sent me a letter for my birthday even though it was a little while ago it still made me feel super good thanks gramps. Well i love you all and hope you all have a great week.

con mucho cariño
elder adams
This is a photo of a giant sandwich that a member made me
the second one is of the game monopoly deal
the third one is of my agenda that is just awesome

Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 27, 2015

Well first i just want to say how weird it is to think that my parents told me that courtny hair who gave her talk with me when i left and dustin watkins a good bud of mine just got home from there missions makes me feel really old in the mission UGH. Quite strange how fast things go by. Also it sounds like everybody really loved there 24th of July weekend HONESTLY I totally forgot that it was this last weekend it just hit me wow weird.

Although has for this week it was kind of good at the beginning and then got lame and then good again. Haha well the reason why is that at the beginning of the week we had been a little down about a few things with the members and then we passed by a few people and found out that they had been sick the last weekend and couldn't go to church and that was it they were super ready to go this week. Also we had  a meeting with our bishop who is just awesome he just totally knows how to get you excited about the work and get on it now! so that was the first part of the week then near the end i got pretty sick i was throwing up all night i slept for like an hour and then we called the mission nurse and she said to stay in that day but once i got my sleep back i said forget this i cant stay in the house any longer i will lose it so we left and nobody answered so i was a little bumbed out but then the next day we go out and find a few old investigators that wanted to meet with us so it was going with ups and downs all week really like a roller coaster.

Sorry that i don't have any photos this week but i will be sure to send some new ones next week. Also i hope you all enjoy the week i feel like this week is going to be really good for us and i am really excited about it.

con mucho cariño 
elder adams

July 20, 2015

Well I am so sorry I dont have much time today but we had a lot of things to do today. Although so you all know this week was really fun we got to see elder Zeballos on thursday and we had two extra elders stay in our pension that night and it was super fun because they are both from my group that goes home with me so we got to catch up on a ton of what has happened on the mission.

Also not to mention this week I spent so much time in Turbus (its a bus terminal) that in the end I got to know a guy that is super cool who ended up liking what we as members do and the church and wanted to listen to us so knowing how cool he is we went and talked for a while and he gave me something that I have wanted since the beginning of the mission a Turbus TIE!!! It is one of the knew ones it is sweet.

All in all great week I cant not believe how great the lord is blessing us in our sector we had some great blessings going out with members this week in fact we went out 3 times with different members and those were incredible growing days for us and for me personally it was a great week and can tell you all in all had a great week.

con mucho amor
elder adams

Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 13, 2015

First let me just start off by saying WE GOT A BAPTISM! I love seeing this huge change in the lives of the people around me especially for Ichael he is a guy that we have been teaching for a little less than a month now and he literally was just a gift from god. He was attending seminary and knew the book of mormon was true before we even met him, He told us the first day he wanted to be a missionay and that he wanted to be baptized. I can honestly say that he was not my convert he was converted by the lord.

Except for that this week is going to be super cool we are going to be seeing a seventy elder Zeballos will be coming to our mission and we will be able to meet him personaly so i am super excited and cant wait to talk to him, and hear what he has for us.

Also this week were cambios, me and my comp are staying and also the other elders are staying too so nothing to big so that is good. Although a few other good friends in the zone left but get this.... an elder in our zone was super worried about the cambios and i told him he was going to go somewhere super special this cambio and it happened, he went to TAL-TAL he was like freaking out and called me immediatly and was super excited it was super awesome and i was pretty happy to be able to send some letters with him.

Other than that great things are happening in the zone and in our sector and i am so excited to see a few of the other people we have got ready for the first covenant. BAPTISM

con mucho amor
elder adams
the first one is of the view from our pension it is super cool
 the second is of course the BAPTISM

Monday, July 13, 2015

July 6, 2015

First to start of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WE WON LA COPA AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome this whole week was all about that i will be honest every single person i talked to this last week and this week we had a little conversation at least about what they thought was going to happen, and you know what was the funniest is all the Argentinians were talking crap because Chile has never won a cup in the history of ever so this last week was history in the making. It was super fun everybody had work off, everybody made a huge barbecue in there houses, and everybody freaked out when they scored in penalty's and won! We had the great blessing to watch the game with some members as an activity and really enjoy that time but after we had to go straight to our pensions because people freaked out and like destroyed the streets it was so crazy. 

After that also on Thursday we had a great time with our mission president in counsel it was super cool because we are preparing the mission so that on the 16-20 with will be having a 70 coming through here he is the Chilean that spoke in the general conference in April 2015 his name is Elder Zeballos i am super excited to meet him and here what has for us. Also we learned a lot about examples that we use in our teaching it was really interesting about what is good to use and not.

Also on Friday we got the interview done for a guy who will be baptized this Saturday his name is Ichael he is super cool and attends seminary and everything he is super ready for baptism and we are super excited for him. Also another two sectors in our zone both baptized on Saturday morning which was incredible because that ward hasn't baptized in like over a year so the whole ward was there and it was super packed it was awesome. It made me super happy about our zone.

All in all great week and i know that all of you had a great week and hope this next one is even better. Lots of love from the kid down under

con mucho cariño y amor
elder adams
before the game we were just chilling with the papito and mamita and there kids super awesome.

 this is of them about to take the cup.
 these are photos of me freaking out and them about to take the cup

June 29, 2015

This week was super great as always. It is very rare when I have a bad week if you haven't noticed because literally i see and feel that i am being guided and directed by the lord every single week. It is one of the greatest feelings ever.

As for this week we had a lot of good things happen such as at the beginning of the week we had a zone conference with president and it was super good i had a blast and saw a ton of good buddy's from the mission and i am super excited about a few of the changes they made so we can get more people in the water haha. Although this week we worked a lot with the list of members about cleaning out the list for the bishop and seeing which members are still living here and those that aren't and through those that are inactive we can get some news. It is all going to plan.

Also this week is the week when CHILE WILL WIN LA COPA AMERICA!!! today they play and all the people in the city were dressed in the Chile jersey it was super cool to see how incredible a whole country really unites to watch a game and nobody does anything but that. It is good for us as missionary's because they always invite us in and say sit, eat, and will talk while we watch. Also today is the semi finals and Chile goes against Peru and there are a ton of Peruvians that live here so tons of people tell me that they will probably start some crap up if they win or lose but i am pretty sure the game will end 2-1 and we will play the 4th it is going to be so crazy down here.

All in all we had a great week also with today we had a blast we didn't really have any plans for our day and then a member called out of nowhere and asked if we wanted to go get to know Antofagasta and the area and get some food it was super chill and i had a blast.

This week was awesome and i hope that you all have a great week. Remember to look for opportunity's to help and share the amazing things that changes the lives of people.

con mucho amor
elder adams
the images are of me and my comp we went down to the beach with a member today and got to know all of Antofagasta it was super fun with him and his kids. Great time

Monday, June 29, 2015

June 22, 2015

This week was quite interesting we had alot of activitys because well this month it is LA COPA AMERICA and all the south american countrys are playing and it is going down in none other than this awesome country CHILE. It has been really cool our president gave us permision to watch the game with investigators and try to find new while watching it so it was super fun and we had alot of success. Especially in the games we won two and tied one but we came out the biggest in our group so that made chile look really good also there team i really think could take it all. Brasil and Argentina are not even playing very good. Not to mention Neymar the good player on Brasil got redcarded so they have not been doing so good since then. Well it will be quite interesting this week.

As for the work last week we really saw quite alot of miracles in finding. We found like a whole bunch of new people that basically all of them told us they really like what we are sharing and want to learn more and know more. Like yesterday we were kind of indescisive on what we wanted to do work up higher in the hill or close to the coast and i dont know why but i just personaly felt like that was what we needed to do so we walked up that dreaded hill that is so steep and knocked on the doors of some people that we had taught in the past and none answered and those that did the person wasnt there and didnt want us there. So as we kind of turn around a lady yells "hey you where are you from?" and then from that conversation we talked to her and shared the restoration and loved it and said that these things are true and would like to get to know the church. It was super cool That is just one of the great stories of how we found people this week it was a great week.

As for the rest of the week it should be super great we have a conference with our president tomorrow and i am a little nervous because he asked every elder to prepare two talks for tomorrow and he is going to pick two to speak and give them. Its not that i havent prepared the talk its just out of all of the people that he could pick i feel like its going to be ME UGH. Then after that the next day CHILE PLAYS AGAIN! Then the rest of the week is going to be normal.

All in all i love you all so much and hope you guys never forget that and i pray for each and everyone every night so i hope you feel those blessings daily and recognize them. 

con mucho amor y cariño
elder adams

This is a photo of our mamitas kids they are super cool
the second one is of the party and the good food.

It was super fun

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 15, 2015

Well this week was my birthday and just want to start of by saying thanks to everyone who gave me shout-outs i love you all so much and made me feel really special this week. Also i am not going to lie this birthday was the best birthday i have had in awhile because my mamita and papito surprised me with a party on one of the hardest nights of the week it was on my birthday. It was super lame the whole day all the citas fell and nobody was opening up so it was just hard to put a smile on and keep going on my birthday. So my only bit of excitement was to just finish of the day and go to sleep until my comp wanted to stop by the mamita really fast and grab something and they surprised me with a huge party i was so happy and excited that i could not believe what just happened. Then to top it all off a few days earlier i had talked about how good pumpkin pie is and how much i wanted to eat it that she went and translated a whole recipe and made it for me it was SO  GOOD! it was a good day.

Also the rest of the week was so great too because we had two investigators who were kind of like dead they got back on the horse this week and went to seminary, mutual, and church i was pretty impressed if they keep going we will be seeing two more baptisms fast. Also we heard a huge miracle about this family when i was with my last comps told me we shouldn't go by them because they are never there and when they are they don't want to receive us but we knocked the door with my comp and they surprised us with a family complete of five that want to know more and want to take the next step we have a lesson with them tomorrow i am really excited to teach them. All in all this week was so great.

I love you all and hope that you all have a great week like i had and hope you all know that no matter who you are or where you come from your all important in the eyes of our great father and redeemer. 

con mucho amor
elder adams

June 8, 2015

Well i just wanted to start by saying thanks to all my friends and family for the emails and the happy birthday wishes you guys are so awesome and there is nothing more i could ask for then that. Love you all lots

As for my week at the beginning of the week we got transfers and my comp got here from arica and he is super cool its my first UTAH comp its awesome also he is from Orem. Elder Ngatai he is poly and super cool. We go home together and we get along super good. After that on Thursday we got to go to the zone council it was super cool we talked a lot about where we want our zones and where they can be. I learned a ton. Also we have been doing a lot of things new with my comp we have started finding a ton through the references that we get sent a ton in this sector it is super great and we put two dates this week a little while down the road but they are super great and i am sure they will do it but they just need to complete everything and they will make it to the most important door they have. I love being a missionary and having this opportunity to be a missionary, serve, and save souls through this great and glorious work.
I love you all and hope you guys have a great week

Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

So to start I have to explain what happened to our sector in this ward we had 2 sister missionaries, and my comps and me. So we got a call on saturday and it just so happens that everyone is leaving except for me! It was really sad I really wanted to stay with my old comps but they are both going to arica almost where I was just at, they are going to love it. Who is coming? two new elders to open the sector of the hermanas and my comp elder Natai he is my first comp from UTAH! he is super cool he has the same time as me in the mission and he is like the most laid back relaxed guy ever. Also the other two elders one of them was my comp in Taltal he is super cool his name is elder Cabrera. So all in all things are great and i am really excited.

Although This week was super crazy so to just start off I have to explain that we totally knew that my comp elder jara was leaving but we were not sure if elder scott was going so the whole week basically we were saying goodbyes to everybody and I got really bored of that so I started going on divisons with members and it was incredible. So when we got the calls we heard that both the sisters and my two comps were leaving the sector and would be coming in two new elders and my new comp after that I decided I wanted to get to know the sisters sector before everything goes down so we went on sunday and it was probably one of the most powerful experiences I have had on the mission. We got a call from an ex investigator from the area of the sisters and he tells me last night he got stabbed and they went to the hospital and sealed him up but the dad called us balling cause the son fell asleep after the whole thing and didnt wake up but his heart was beating so he was still there but just in a slight coma so we went over and the dad asked us for a blessing and we did it and right after he woke up and said Thanks. It was Incredible and after that they were like incredibly receptive and the dad who apparently was like super hard to get to is now super receptive and wants to hear more it is super cool.

Anyways great week and I am really excited for this week we have a counsel with president and all the zone leaders on thursday and it is going to be super cool. Anyways love you all a ton and hope you guys have a great week.

elder adams

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25, 2015

This week was so strange let me just start off with everything that has been going on. First it all started with Wednesday we had our interviews with our president and first off mine went super good and i have got nothing to worry about it went super good and i am pretty i will be staying here in Antofagasta this transfer although my other two comps elder Scott and elder Jara were not so sure especially with what pres told them and what they feel but i just tell them they are crazy and that nobody knows the transfers except god. Anyway so this whole week as been the conversation about that and a few other crazy things going down with some members.

Although the week in general i felt good because they both felt as if there leaving so they want to leave this sector with respect so they worked really hard this week to get some people ready to be baptized and for that we found out that there was kid named martin who is 9 who hasn't gotten baptized and had a huge fear of water and that's why he hasn't done it yet but we talked to him and he decided to go through with it but we are going to do a little baptism not announced so that only him and a few people are there in case he gets nervous he wont want to do it. Although he is super awesome and fun and we are excited for him and his family they are so great.

All in all i am super happy i have no complaints where my sector is at and i am really excited about all the good things that are happening right now and just want you all to know how much i love you and hope the best for you.

elder adams
con mucho cariño y amor
 The photos of the day visiting el mulle "the railroad from antofagasta to bolivia" and we went and played pool

May 18, 2015

Whats up family, Friends, and loved ones from all over. you get the grand opportunity to hear from me again. haha hey it seems like all is well and normal that's good to hear.

As for me things are great we just had TWO BAPTISMS on Saturday. It was so awesome and i really got to see two people that were really just ready for there family to grow in the gospel start there lives and open the door to happiness and love and also on Sunday they got confirmed and there baby boy got his name given to him IT WAS AWESOME! Also afterwards they came up to us and said that they wanted to go to the temple NOW we talked about it and put a goal in year so they can be sealed for time and all eternity in the house of the lord. It was really super awesome. Except for that not much happened except that i went on exchanges with an elder from Santiago it was super fun but nothing to big except that this week.

I love you all so much and hope that you guys feel my prayers for you all daily. Thanks for all that you do for me and the love i feel out here.

elder adams