Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

Well this week was crazy!!! because of three huge things one the earthquake, two 18th of September, and a huge activity that we had for the branch. Although let me explain why

First the earthquake to be honest i barley felt it at all the only reason i knew that it happened was because we felt that like a giant ball moved below our feet and we heard the door moving like the wind was picking up a ton but then there were some plants right next to me that moved a lot we thought it was just a tremor which happen a ton but then we saw on the news in the street that it was an earthquake close to the capital way far away but really for Chile that's nothing they have the record for the biggest earthquake in the world 9.3 or something like that.

Second this past week was also the Chilean independence day the 18th it was super crazy but the funny part is that its not just that day its like the whole week. Although i never thought i have eaten so much meat in my life in the three days we ate 8 barbecues it was death and not like hamburgers like MEAT! It was super good i love 18 de septiembre

Third we had an activity for the branch that they have been planning forever which was about that the 18 de septiembre it was super cool we had classic dances, games, food, and tons of things so tons of investigators and members got to get to know each other in a none awkward way super great.

All in all great. When you know at the end of the week all you want to do is rest you know it was a good week.

ps the new photos are in this link!1826&authkey=!AHHJmjNr1UnG2zU&ithint=folder%2c

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