Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 6 , 2014

Thank you everyone for all the love and prayers this week I truly felt them in my life. Oh wow so much has happened this week its hard to put it too words. I guess i will start with last p-day after i finished writing you guys I played a ton of sports all day and hung out truly like the best day after such a long rough week but after that things just seemed to fly by and now it is a week later and I just cant believe it. So then Friday and Saturday were just like everyday we had classes and learned some Spanish and then Sunday came and we had the opportunity to fast and you know fasting before was absolutely the worst but in the field, you truly know the purpose and the reasoning behind it. Also of course like fast Sunday back home except everyone bears there testimony its awesome i mean of course no one really know much to say but the normal easy stuff but its awesome. After that at our video we watched "the stone cutter" its awesome its about the stone cutter in alpine who lost his leg. Then after the movie we got a huge announcement that the CCM would be dedicated this coming Sunday and one of the courum of the twelve will be coming and two other general authority's Its apparently a campus wide secret but its going to be elder oaks which is awesome. So all week they have been refurbishing the campus and making it look pretty.  Another thing awesome that is happening this coming Sunday is we have to prepare two talks and just bear one of there choosing which will be very fun. Then the rest of the week has just flown by with all the classes and studying. But we have all been excited for today because this morning we had the opportunity to visit the temple grounds and the visitor center it is so beautiful i just wish we could go into the temple i have been craving it like a ice cream on a hot day. The reason we cant is they are having renovations on it for the next year in a half because apparently they built it on an old lake bed so the land is slowly sinking so they have to put giant poles down to bedrock or something. Anyway that is pretty much my week but now to answer all the many questions i will try to answer most of them and keep them coming. That last Sunday i did my talk on repentance it went great and its so funny how much i wish i would have read preach my gospel before i left its awesome! and the two talks i have to give this coming Sunday is restoration, and enduring to the end. Oh and mom i hardly ever use my cleats i have only used them once no one wants to play soccer on the grass field so we just play on the basketball court with the tennis shoes. but i have heard from everyone they wish they would have brought there's because it will be so nice in the field. The money here is only for the CCM they give us a card right when we get here that is only for our time here. We will get a new card when we get to the field. The food at first was absolutely gross, but now i have truly been excited to eat every time it gets better everyday except the jello i don't know what they do to it but it is just nasty! and my companion is from garden grove California, we are getting closer but of course there are times when i just about lose it. Which is so weird to me i get along with anybody and everybody but him, even though we both have taught together, cried together, and fought together. There is still just something about him that makes me go crazy. Oh and pablo my guy on the outside who has the hook up of jerseys he came and brought it to me mom so don't worry about a package its with me i will send a pic of it, also tie trades are so much fun its so funny how they go down randomly someone will come in and say to our class during personal study meet in the classroom at 3 or something and then tons of people come and we auction them off like cars its awesome and so much fun i only traded one tie so far because all the ones people want to trade are crap so i have to scavenge through the needles to find the rose in the middle. ok i think that covers all of my moms questions but dad i am so excited for your friend he sounds like he is truly going to fall in love with el libro de mormon just like i know we all have. thank you for all the love and please send me any emails who want to receive my big long email to everyone and if you send me personal emails i will answer the as much i can with the time i have. But love you all, miss you, stay frosty utah from elder Adams in the CCM where its 73 degrees sunny and absolutely gorgeous.
elder Adams

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