Sunday, February 16, 2014

January 30, 2104 Week 1

This week has been so funny Saturday was truly rough its amazing how the lord works and lets all of you know that i was struggling. I spent most of Saturday sitting in a spiritual bubble inside my head telling myself things no missionary should be telling himself or any other person but i was. I spent most of the night tossing and turning, and honestly crying but then on Sunday we got up went to class and they called me and my companion to be zone leaders since we got a now two zones and then at church and I had been worried all week i was going to speak in church because they do it at random so everyone prepares to speak and of course i am the first to speak and of course i had spent the whole night worried about it so i wrote it at 2 in the morning and it was alright i said some words wrong but at the very end of sacrament our branch president said i spoke really well for a kid only his first Sunday out. And then we had a devotional where we watched three videos one was a talk by elder Scott about prayer it was amazing then we watched the church videos about "father tanner" and "to this end" it was unbelievable everyone by the end was tearing up. After all of the that everything this week has just gone by so much better I have learned so much quicker and understood a lot more instead of just saying "si" after every sentence haha of course i am still really bad but its slowly coming. But some fun things that have happened are that we have been teaching the new district that got in last week how to play some of these games i mentioned like (sprout ball, bennis, and what are the odds) they have truly loved them and always come up to me and ask what were going to play today and even though i am only my second week in they said from his own words ( i walk like i own this place)(tell ken its because i took his advice about the confident walk) its awesome to feel looked up to even though your the zone leader you don't feel very important cause you don't really do anything except on Sundays you have to conduct the meetings but its just funny. Anyway you can tell Rachel that she can make a blog if she wants i honestly have no opinion i wanted to send a ton more pics i will try after i send this also yeah if you want to send any letters or packages use dear elder most of the guys in my district have said that works. they say that they take right of the site print and put it in the box and if its a package they make it here in the city and then drive it in. OH MY GOSH i am so stoked for Jeremy´s call how does he feel about the language, it makes me feel so happy i am speaking something as easy as Spanish. oh another thing that is really funny we met this guy on campus named Pablo he is the like the black market of the CCM he got us a dozen krispy cream donuts and i got a sweet jersey that is coming on Saturday its awesome, and yeah mom you gave me dads ties its ok though i am probably going to be spending most of the day doing tie trades with some of the other guys those things are freaking intense its like an auction going down. Anyway so far everything is going good thanks for all the love especially from you mom I know having a calling like you do there will be times where you just want to go moma bear on some of the women but just keep yourself calm and collected and everything will be awesome. lots of love in the sunny weather they call winter
lots of love Elder Adams

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