Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21 2014

This week was so much fun let me just start off by saying this ward in maray is so awesome everybody treats us, especially me like there son. On easter every person came and gave us tons of candy to put in a basket that they gave us for easter. Its was so much fun. Also it was super funny at the beginning of the week the bishop came into the chapel while we were having district meeting and asked that me and elder butler give a talk in church i was super mad until he said that he would make us lunch on saturday if we spoke. BUT we had heard rumors about our bishop truley trying to feed missionarys to death haha no but just until they puke. So we went over there and he gave us Burgers not like little burgers they were fetching like JCW´s size burgers and he said we had to eat as many as we could, elder butler only got 3 i got 6 and now have the record for the missionarys that have eaten at his house so that made me feel sick and happy at the same time. We also have been playing this extreme game of uno called killer uno that elder sherman made it takes normal uno and blows it out of the water it is so much fetching fun. The only problem is elder gavillan gets very angry very quickly so we either cant play anymore or he just needs to relax. Now for the really good stuff this week was so awesome we placed 4 fechas and preety sure 3 of them in two weeks will be baptized and i am so excited for them the other one is very skeptical but we have been working really hard with her to get her where she is right now she used to be the type of person who would laugh and make fun of the missionarys and now is taking lessons and really listening but is just very hard hearted but we have slowly softened it her birthday was on friday and she invited us and it was super fun we actually taught a lesson in front of all her friends and got some of her friends addresses and numbers so we are going to check those out this week. But i honestly am just loving the mission, the area, and the people, the language not so much but i know with time i will love it so much more. Its funny i can preety much understand everything i just cant speak very well. Except my talk on sunday was honestly probably the best talk i have ever given but i did screw up a few words but thats one great thing about the mission you learn to not care what people think about you. I love you all so much and hope you have a good week and "feliz pascua"
elder adams

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