Monday, April 7, 2014

Week march 31 2014

This week was so strange there were so many random things that happened to such a normal week. What i mean by that is throughout the week it was preety normal but, there were alot of just random weird things that happened i will expalin in more detail. At the beginning of the week we were walking down the street and all of a sudden this school band comes out of no where and playes super loud following us down the street and had me (no joke) ring the cowbell haha it was so awesome i wish i had gotten a picture of it. Then one of our investigators gave us his pack of cigaretts so he wouldnt be tempted to smoke and we said that it would be better if the temptation was around but we did something to help haha (view picture 2) then another investigator we were right in the middle of a lesson when all of a sudden there cat walks in and basically falls over and just starts squealing and right there next to me she had 4 kittens it was preety freakin nasty. It was really cool too we met this guy who was riding his bike and then out of know where this truck runs into his bike and we were like 10 yards from it. I was so blown away i couldnt take a picture cause the cabineros wouldnt let me but just know it was horrible. Also throughout the week we had 4 earthquakes they werent huge but they were big enough that you saw the table and the lamp move. All those things were so random but other than that this week was preety normal. We have been really working hard with alot of different people its hard to meet with all of them because we basically have to cover two sectors for know but our zone leaders told us after General conference is the end of the cambio and we will either be getting two new elderes or hermanas to cover maray A ( we are in maray B to clarify) but it has been really great. Now for all the questions from everybody especially my mom. Random food items are preety normal but you cant buy milk bigger than 1 liter it really sucks and they are like 2 dollars for one. but bread is really good but weird it has like sourdough taste too it but they bake it into two rolls stuck together. I wont be having transfers this cambio because i am still under the 12 week program so i will be here for another cambio (also a cambio is a transfer). Yes i am significantly taller than everyone about 6 inches to everybody and the houses are tiny so i have to bend down alot of the time. Sorry this week was so short but i know next week will be a big one because of general conference so excited for that oppurtunity to listen to our prophets and apostles. I wish i would have taken this addvantage more when i was younger to really understand the significance and oppurtunity we all have. Also a challenge for everyone "write down a question you have to the lord and listen to every talk in general conference and i promise it will be answered" I love you all so much, have a good week

elder adams

the first is just of this guy who was doing tricks on this giant stump super cool

the second pic is of the pack of cigarets we took from our investigator we put pictures of christ all over it i am just sending the front.

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