Monday, July 13, 2015

July 6, 2015

First to start of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WE WON LA COPA AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome this whole week was all about that i will be honest every single person i talked to this last week and this week we had a little conversation at least about what they thought was going to happen, and you know what was the funniest is all the Argentinians were talking crap because Chile has never won a cup in the history of ever so this last week was history in the making. It was super fun everybody had work off, everybody made a huge barbecue in there houses, and everybody freaked out when they scored in penalty's and won! We had the great blessing to watch the game with some members as an activity and really enjoy that time but after we had to go straight to our pensions because people freaked out and like destroyed the streets it was so crazy. 

After that also on Thursday we had a great time with our mission president in counsel it was super cool because we are preparing the mission so that on the 16-20 with will be having a 70 coming through here he is the Chilean that spoke in the general conference in April 2015 his name is Elder Zeballos i am super excited to meet him and here what has for us. Also we learned a lot about examples that we use in our teaching it was really interesting about what is good to use and not.

Also on Friday we got the interview done for a guy who will be baptized this Saturday his name is Ichael he is super cool and attends seminary and everything he is super ready for baptism and we are super excited for him. Also another two sectors in our zone both baptized on Saturday morning which was incredible because that ward hasn't baptized in like over a year so the whole ward was there and it was super packed it was awesome. It made me super happy about our zone.

All in all great week and i know that all of you had a great week and hope this next one is even better. Lots of love from the kid down under

con mucho cariño y amor
elder adams
before the game we were just chilling with the papito and mamita and there kids super awesome.

 this is of them about to take the cup.
 these are photos of me freaking out and them about to take the cup

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