Monday, July 13, 2015

June 29, 2015

This week was super great as always. It is very rare when I have a bad week if you haven't noticed because literally i see and feel that i am being guided and directed by the lord every single week. It is one of the greatest feelings ever.

As for this week we had a lot of good things happen such as at the beginning of the week we had a zone conference with president and it was super good i had a blast and saw a ton of good buddy's from the mission and i am super excited about a few of the changes they made so we can get more people in the water haha. Although this week we worked a lot with the list of members about cleaning out the list for the bishop and seeing which members are still living here and those that aren't and through those that are inactive we can get some news. It is all going to plan.

Also this week is the week when CHILE WILL WIN LA COPA AMERICA!!! today they play and all the people in the city were dressed in the Chile jersey it was super cool to see how incredible a whole country really unites to watch a game and nobody does anything but that. It is good for us as missionary's because they always invite us in and say sit, eat, and will talk while we watch. Also today is the semi finals and Chile goes against Peru and there are a ton of Peruvians that live here so tons of people tell me that they will probably start some crap up if they win or lose but i am pretty sure the game will end 2-1 and we will play the 4th it is going to be so crazy down here.

All in all we had a great week also with today we had a blast we didn't really have any plans for our day and then a member called out of nowhere and asked if we wanted to go get to know Antofagasta and the area and get some food it was super chill and i had a blast.

This week was awesome and i hope that you all have a great week. Remember to look for opportunity's to help and share the amazing things that changes the lives of people.

con mucho amor
elder adams
the images are of me and my comp we went down to the beach with a member today and got to know all of Antofagasta it was super fun with him and his kids. Great time

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