Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October 11, 2015

Well this week was rough at first and then got better. Because, well at the beginning of the week i had to take care of all the tranfers of missionaries, missionary trainers, and we had our counsel with president so we had to be in the bus staion at like 1 in the morning because its like the only bus that comes so i had to be there like every night this week and it was terrible. Although, at the end of the week we had tons of fun and success so that was good so in the end it was all worth it.

i got my new comp and he is super weird but he makes me laugh a ton. Like the whole week I was laughing my butt off. Well my comp just came from the office and his name is elder erickson he has like 15 months so he has time. he is from st. george. We are both rocking it here in alto hospico we both are super animated and the members love it and can feel all the happyness that we have its super fun.

Also i am sorry that last week i didnt say much about general confernce because i was really sick and wasnt thinking right but as for general conference it was really an incredible experience that i learned a lot and got alot of inspiration for after the mission and for our zone and investigators it was really a full weekend of inspiration.

As for our investigators we are working with a ton of people so its hard to focus on just a few but for sure in the next couple of weeks we should be getting some of them married and baptized but the next couple of people will be tamara or dania they are both different girls that have different families and they both have big desires to be baptized but they have just a few problems so we have been waiting to see when we could get them ready but we will know next week.

So all in all it was a great week and love you all so much and hope the best for ya take care this week and remember to PONDERIZE

elder adams
sirviendo en lo mejor misión del mundo

sorry here is the photos i promised



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