Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 19, 2015

This week was super fun we had ATON OF BLESSINGS. For example we found !!12!! new families they are super cool. Also things are going good here with them they are all like super prepared to hear the gospel. Also we got to spend our tuesday with our zone having our zone meeting it went good and it was really fun because we announced some great stuff that will be happening in this next month for our mission. We found out that we will be getting to see Elder Cook and some of the presidency from the area south america south, elder Suarez and elder Gonzalez they are all super awesome so i am super excited. Also we invited all our zone to be able to get some serious work done and we put big goals and we are super excited to see some baptisms in the next couple of weeks.

Also this week was known as the week of PAN DE PASCUA (FRUIT CAKE) This week my comp bought something quite strange it was fruit cake but mysteriously it was really good and it was super funny one morning my comp picks up the fruit cake and starts dancing and asks me if i see anything weird and looking up from my scriptures the first thing i say Pan de pascua and he just starts busting out laughing because i didnt realize it was his dancing that was weird it was the fact that he was dancing with pan de pascua haha it was a moment quite dumb but hilarious.

All in all great week also i just want you all to know that the plans they sent me i sent them to prep you guys so that whatever happens you know when i am getting back. ALthough it just makes me even more sad to think things are getting close although i am super excited to get out and work and i know that the things that are happening right now are things that i will only get to see for the next 2 months so i am really enjoying my time dont worry.

Love you all so much and remember that i love you and pray for you all and know the lord is blessing all of us daily.

con mucho amor
elder adams

ps photos of me and my comp with empanadas and pan de pascua
and the really just a whole vending machine of only cocacola



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