Monday, March 3, 2014

CHILE!!! primer semana (First week in chile) in (Copia po)

Wow its the first p-day in the campo misional its been such a great
experience everything is great but we will start at the beginning i had two 
flights this last thursday one was from mexico to chile it was 8 hours but it 
was probably the best 8 hours on a flight i will ever have because they gave 
me a first class ticket because there were no other seats on the plane it 
was awesome i had lobster, scallops, steak, i could lay my seat out flat, i 
could watch movies, play games, or listen to music( i could it doesnt mean 
i did). it was great i just didnt watch, play, or listen to anything i just ate 
then slept it was great but i got a full 8 hours of sleep and the rest of my 
group got little or nothing haha. Then when we arrived in chile santiago we 
were quickly rushed across the airport and on to the plane i wish i could 
have called but it was better i just get on my flight haha. Then i made it to 
antofogasta met up with presidente dalton y el esposa hermana dalton they 
are such great people and also shout out to kirsten the assistent to the 
president is elder newman the elder in the mountavile 4th ward i believe, he 
totally remembered you though. Anyways then we took those pics at the 
coast i know i look really funny but remember i did not change those 
clothes until we got to the hotel that night (like 2 days straight). Afterwards 
we went to the mission home got some food info and a hotel to stay the 
night and sleep that was so great. The next morning they gave us a packet 
and some info of where we were going and who our comp was but we had to open like a mission call it was really fun anyway i am now in Copia po its 
so great it is the same city that a few years back had the 33 miners trapped in the mine for a month it is amazing to listen to peoples stories about it 
because almost everyone remembers it and brings it up all the time. And its really great my sectors have alot of preety well off people that are inactive 
so there has been alot of reactivating (we have 2 of them now it is massive 2 companionships used to cover it and now we have it all) and my companion 
is elder jimenez he is a native he is so tuned in with the spirit is just great i 
was really worried about having a native comp but honestly it is awesome i 
have alot of advantages and disadvantages and thats life. He is awesome 
though he set it up real nice for me we are teaching 4 familys right now they love to make fun of me because i cant understand what they say i have 
never been so frustrated and happy at the same time in my whole life they 
speak so fast and drop almost every S and in the spanish language that is 
preety important! Anyway its all good though they are still great people and 
i know the language will come and it is really nice there are alot of people 
that know some english and love to walk down the street and say "hello" its 
really funny the town is preety weird our sectors are kind of like the suburbs 
and when you get into town you find all the weirdos so thank goodness im 
not there. What else???? OH YEAH there are SO MANY DOGS!!! the thing 
is people love to buy them as pups raise them until there not cute anymore 
and just throw them in the street. It is so disgusting and sad how bad there 
treated. I can not walk down a street without finding like 3 or 4 dogs on it its 
super sad. Anyway off that sad note the food is preety great they have 
these things called empenadas there basically a calzone that is fried not 
baked they are preety great and then they have these things called 
completos (completes) they are just a hot dog with a ton of crap on them, it is a fat kids dream they are awesome oh and chile is really known for there 
bread so they have some for you all the time also there is no clean water 
out of the tap so you buy all of it so every meal i have had soda it really 
gets old quick but its all good this place is so great i love everything about it (but the language haha jk) im so excited to be serving in a place i know the 
lord has specificaly picked for me at this time. I hope that answers 
everyones questions if i missed any just email me back and ask again i love you all so much your all ways in my prayers. Stay frosty utah

con mucho amor
elder adams

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  1. I have a coworker that served in Chile years ago and he agrees that the empenadas and completos and the bread are all really good and when you come home you will really miss the food. But he warned against fleas. Sounds like they are a problem there.