Wednesday, March 19, 2014

week 2 in chile

This week as been so crazy and fun i cant believe it. Time just flys by in the
mission you are so focused on helping people you dont have to or want to think 
about yourself for even a minute because for me when i start thinking about myself i get down on myself, but its amazing how this work can pick you up.This seriously brought me to tears 
when you guys told me how ken is doing, i am so happy for you man.
 Anyway i will tell what i have done this week and then i will answer the questions. 
throughout the week we have really been pushing this family they are really 
ready for baptism it is amazing to see the lord in their lives. We had the lesson 
about diezmo (tithing) with her it was amazing to hear the husbands concers about it. And then he payed it and he called us that next morning crying telling us that he got a promotion in his job that he has been working for quite some time. And the 
whole family is going to be baptized this saturday i am so excited for that. Then we have been teaching another family they are so great they treat me like a little baby and show me these children books to understand spanish they help so much and then we teach them about the gospel it is great. We are really having a hard time getting to the father he knows the doctirine and sometimes studies the 
scriptures but just has not had that true shazam moment that he just knows the 
rest of the family knows and have been going to church but dont want to set a date yet cause they want us to teach the doctirine again because they dont really remember what to follow so we kind of are in a weird spot we treat the family like a new investigator but the father like one that is almost ready for baptism. And then most of the week we visit with so many less actives we just like to come in share a quick message and then cheese it out of there its preety fun explaining to someone what you read and how it has helped you and how it will help them. So far though 
we have reactivated 6 members and 2 familys(with 4 members in each) it is 
honestly really fun. This is such a great area i have not had to knock doors once yet i am honestly really suprised. Alright now to answer the questions. Alright my companion is elder jimenez, he is from guatamala i have truly started to understand 
most of what he says to me but the people still make no sense haha. The 
apartment when i first walked in i honestly felt as though i just walked into the 
example of a pigsty it was so gross then we cleaned up a little and now it just feels like home. I have not used my purifier once and dont think i will have to but it is nice to have. We allways just drink out of the purified jugs of water or soda. Holy Cow so much soda i think i have had more soda in the past 2 weeks than my entire life i 
think by the end im either going to be addicted or just hate the stuff haha. The 
weather here is very weird we are preety far inland so its just a little nippy in the morings and then blazing hot in the day it is so dry it sucks you dry so fast and the people all know this so if you stop at anybodys house they allways give you a drink of something ( mostly soda). Then we have been having the strangest schedule but it is what the mission has set we get back at 10:30 and asleep by 11:30 and wake up at 7:30 read,study, and prep till like 1:30 go have lunch at the mamitas house then come back study spanish while jimenez either sleeps or studys english (he hates english it is so funny) its just so weird because i feel like we are just wasting the day away when were sitting inside but jiminez has told me people literaly will just not answer everybody just takes a nap or hangs out it is so weird than the city 
shoots back up again at like 4. It is preety funny this part of the world i thought 
would be really third world but no its not almost everyone has a cell phone and a computer even the really poor who live in like four pieces of plywood have a stereo, 
tv, fridge, and some nice furniture. It blows my mind. Also my dad said that you 
guys just had daylights savings yeah they dont have that here i am so grateful i 
hate that stupid time of the year, it screws up everybodys sleep schedule. I am just so excited for the coming week and the people we are teaching and all of you guys back home. There is just so much that the lord is blessing me with i cant believe it. 
I love you all so much

elder adams

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