Wednesday, March 19, 2014

week 3

This week was quite interesting. I dont even know where to start but, me and my papito are not really doing very well together it is the weirdest relationship beetween us. The mornings are the
worst part of the day i have no alarm clock and he has the phone and refuses to set one and then we just get up at like 9 and it has really been making me mad and i cant just go buy one because 
money is really tight down here every month we are given 160 USdollars which is 80 mill down here which is literally feels like the equivalent of 80 dollars and now i have to make it to March 27th with 8 mill it is going to be really hard. Anyway and the only time we have companionship prayer is before we do the first 12 week program where he just tells me how bad i am and how i need to work on this and memorize this by tommorow which i know i do need to know the stuff but it is just really hard to first understand people let alone teach them something. Also its the tone he uses with me he acts as if i dont have an IQ anyway it has just been really tough trying to deal with all of that and i try to act and tell him something like Comp prayer wich we do it but then i expect him to be the leader and teach me something but i have not learned a thing from 
him the whole time i have been with him everything i have done i have done because i read the white handbook and the first two weeks he told me that i didnt need to write in my daily planner 
and then i had splits beetween the zone leaders on thursday and it was the first day i truly felt like a missionary we did everything exactly obedient and it felt great and i explained my problem to 
the zone leader about everything and i brought up the planner and he was shocked that he told me that and he said he was going to take care of it. So we will see where that goes. Anyway that is what has happened with my comp and that is not just the half of it all of our investigators have been falling through like for example we were supposed to have a baptism on friday but the lady 
never showed up and when we went to pick her up we found her on the couch smoking and 4 empty bottles of alchol. It was one of the most frustrating moments of my mission so far because she was clean for like 4 months and then right before she is going to be totally clean of her sins she goes and does that. And then we have this couple who were going to have baptised but they 
had to get married first so on saturday we were going to travel an hour away and i suggested we call first and see if we can actually do this before we get out there but jiminez just said dont worry about it so we get down there and you have to set up an appointment to get the legal marriage paperwork and then we just lost a good 10 mill for the bus ride and the lords time UGH! Anyway 
other than all that we did have one really great thing happen this week on tuesday we had a 4 zones all together with President dalton teaching us it was so awesome i learned a ton about our mission and where were headed in the near future. That is the week now for your questions. For conference in a couple weeks not really sure they have not announced yet but my zone leader 
that most of the time the 4 zones in copiapo meet at the stake center and watch them there. OH yeah and fleas are super bad down here if you touch a dog at all you should definitly go wash your hands it is not horrible but it is definitly better be safe than sorry that is one of the things they stressed on on tuesday at the conference. The weather is so strange it is like freezing cold in the morning with tons of fog and then it hits like 12 and just the heat drains you in like seconds 
ugh and we live in a house in a little bedroom community it is really nice it is a really nice penchant i like it alot. Also we have a mamita cleaning our clothes for us because she is endowed she is the greatest. Also the city used to have i giant river running through it but like a couple years back they dammed up the river to preserve something im not totally sure when i heard about it i heard from what i like to call a super chilean where nobody knows what he is saying. Oh and the difference beetween north americans and latino elders is like 50/50 it is preety even. I hope i answered all your questions (mom) if you have any more that i missed please just ask them again i am most deffinitly not perfect so just keep asking until i actually answer Anyway i love you all so much i am really going to push hard this week to have a good week haha anyway lots of love.

elder adams

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