Friday, November 28, 2014

November 10, 2014

So this is the first email from an actual ciber that doesnt smell like beef and cheese and it is becaue we are in a place called "jumbo" which is basically like a smiths market place and has like everything its fetching cuico (expensive).
For those of you that didnt read my email last week i am in Antofogasta now in a ward called Las Rocas. This ward is not even kidding the biggest ward in the mission. We had an attendance of 264 people in church yesterday. I hardly can belive that the ward has not been split yet but, the i have heard from a few members that they are planning on that in the next year or so. Although for now i am in the biggest ward in our mission AND the most rico/cuico (rich) people in the most expensive city in my mission. I AM SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS HERE! I have heard that every missionary that is here in this sector during christmas gets tons of gifts from members so i am fetching excited.
As for the area it is huge it is basically the area i had in taltal but tripled with a whole bunch of rich people with gates and really fetching big dogs. By the way that reminds me of a dog we found here in the area it is not even kidding on it hind heels a foot taller than me. (i am 6´3 this dog is 7´3) I named it Cerberus like the three headed dog that protects hades in the underworld in greek mythology #nerdmoment. I will send you guys a photo it is huge.
Although for all the things that have happened here i really like it i can actually find basically anything i want here i am not excluded to only a few things here and there with only a few members to help us with the ward here and there things are great and i am so excited for the baptisms that we going to have. Because when i got here we had 3 dates set and me and my comp put 2 more this last week things are going to rock this cambio.
Also for my new comp he is preety awesome basically i found my short, moreno, peruvian twin. Him and me have a lot in common except the fact that he is leaving to go home in a little less than 3 months so he is super trunky but, President called me and told me that ahead of time so i was ready for it and have figured out how to make my comp go and finish his mission strong BAPTISM his whole mission he baptized alot but this last little while he slowed down so this next two cambios we are going to baptize.
Anyway i love you all so much and hope you have a good week because i know i will. I feel your prayers each and everyday and because of that prayers are sent your way.
Also shout out to the my two football teams that had to play against eachother this last saturday and Oregon took it to Utah its a little sad and exciting. Also to my dad who recived a new calling as High Priest group leader and got set apart as a high priest on sunday that is so cool and you are such a good example for me in my life.
Con mucho amor de un elder en chile
elder adams

the first one is of the giant fetching dog cerberus
 the second is of a burger place that is mas o menos cheap and gives you a HUGE burger.
 the third is of a sign that i see every where at that place called Jumbo like smiths that basically is an in case of emergency sign.

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