Friday, November 28, 2014

November 3, 2014

So the crazy thing that happened this week is that we got camibos and :( It was super hard to say goodbye to all the people over there in tal tal they are truly great people and i will never forget them and the hard work they did to help the missionary work flourish in Tal tal. Although now i am in my new sector called "Las Rocas" in Antofogasta it is the largest ward in the mission and i am coming from the smallest sector in the world it will be super crazy and a huge change in my experiences and mind on the mission. Anyway except for that i am just really excited to go out and start my new sector as Only Señor Compañero of an elder who is about to end his mission. I am excited about it and our oppurtunity we have here to learn alot from eachother his name is elder Casas he is really funny and a little quite but its still only the first day will see what changes in a week.

Anyway i dont have much to say because now i am just starting this new sector but for sure i can feel your prayers each and every day and i just want to say thank you for that.

con mucho amor
elder adams
we had our last district meeting together and also a lot of birthdays happen our president and his wife also the sister avila

 the first is of sister avila and Ah quin and there cumpleaños

 the second is of a sister saying goodbye to me in turbus before we left
 the third is of an old friend from copiapò elder Gavillan that is now a zone leader here in Antofogasta so it will be super cool

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