Friday, November 28, 2014

October 27, 2014

WOW so this week was super interesting alot of random things happened that turned out to be super fun.

First tuesday we went to a less actives house who has so much faith and asked us if we could go to her ranch one morning and help her paint some boards. We thought yeah no problem no big deal so then the next morning we go there and she had us paint the boards and then build a fence around her huge property we spent the whole morning and afternoon there but after all that hard work we were talking with her grandson all day who was helping us and we basically explained to him what we do and who we are and about the restoration and he liked it alot but he was only going to be here for this last week so when we finished we passed him a folleto and asked if he wanted the missionarys in ovalle to pass by and he said yeah so i hope the elders over there like this great new investigator we just worked our cans off to get.

Then after that we had to prep some of the jovenes to travel to calama for a day and have a seminary activity beetween them, calama, and antofogasta and from what they told me they had only the 4 of them and they competed against tons of other jovenes in other citys and they got second so we were preety happy for them.

Then also we have found alot of new investigators in the strangest way the hermanas have had alot of blessings in there area and had started to have alot of male investigators that had women in the home so they could pass by but this last week all the women left back to there own country for a few different reasons and we picked up like 3 new investigators from them so it was preety great.

Also today we went to go look for some slippers for my comp around the house so he is not just in his flip flops so we went and met this guy who gave us some "free" shoes it turns out he is just a little crazy in the head and told us too take the shoes and try them out and see how we like them and then return them but instead we just told him no were ok and he like chased us out of the store to buy the shoes. Strangest shoe man ever!

Anyway thats basically what happened to me this week it was super weird but way fun. Also i want to let everyone know i have recieved info from my little brother chandler that UTAH beat USC 24-21 so i just want to say shove it and even though i am not there to disfrutalo in this epic moment my brothers are doing it for me. Also i would ask that you all send a prayer out to my big bro Hayden who is sick in bed this week and ask that you send blessings his way because i will be doing the same.

Thank you all for the blessings and prayers i have felt this week, i love you all so much 

con mucho amor 
elder adams

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