Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February 2, 2015

So to all my fans back home i just want to start of by saying this week was a lot of travelling and waiting so i wont have a ton to say except. I HAVE MY FIRST CHILD IN THE MISSION! He is super cool my new comps name is............................ELDER RINCON for all the gringos back home that means (elder corner) but also there is a spider here called the Rincon and it is super dangerous so people love to give him crap and tell him he is scary and timid haha but he isnt either of those things. Haha he is from colombia and has a sweet deep jungle accent. He has a big testimony and really wants to be obedient which really makes me happy so we can get some success here also he really looks up to me and that makes me really happy. Its really fun training someone how the mission works because there will be hard times but you will be there to pick them up shine there shoes and get them going again.

As for the week i spent all Tuesday travelling down to antofagasta, then Wednesday we had the conference to introduce the new missionaries and then that night got on the bus back to arica, and got here on Thursday morning tired as could be. Then i just spent the rest of the week having my comp get to some of the members and the investigators which was fine. Oh yeah also we had an awesome activity for the ward we had a karaoke night it was super cool and everybody wanted me to go sing but I didn't really feel like that was the best thing a missionary should do and i didn't want to try to sing in Spanish because they sing so fast sometimes and the song they wanted me to sing was really fast. So it was basically a set up, so all in all i didn't but we got tons of people to come and it was super fun.

Except for that everything is really chill and super fun we are going to start the good stuff this week and hopefully everything will turn out great. Also i just want to give you all a shout out that I love you and pray for you and love to see that my prayers get answered when you all email me so thanks and love you.

con mucho amor
elder adams

 The first one is of my trainer who i found when i went to antofagasta and he will finish the mission in 5 weeks so that was probably the last time i would see him for awhile it was super awesome to see him and then go get my kid who is the second photo.

This one is of the activity that we had and it was super fun.

 This one is of me and my comp eating like 3 giant hamburgers that a member made for us after our fast that day. I felt like i was going to die after.

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