Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January 26, 2015

Ok so to start off this week i have to just say this was one of my favorite weeks in the mission so many good things happened a few bad but more good than bad! I really cannot believe how much the lord has blessed me in this last week.

So to start of number one the week started of a little like good because we have an investigator her name is Ingrid and she is literaly bed riden because she has a problem with her back and hadnt left her bed in 30 years and now she has left 2 from her bed and has gone to church it was incredible! literaly a miracle in my life to see someones faith so strong to go to church like that it really made me happy. Although one of the sad things that happened with her is that she earlier 2 weeks ago she accepted a date to be baptized and just barely we were talking to her and she was terrified about it and she still wants to be baptized and said she will attend but just not yet does she want to be baptized. UGH it was really lame so we will try to push her and help her get there but for now she is stuck.

Also so during this last week was the last week of the transfer so we had been working our cans off to find new people so we could have my comp leave this sector feeling better than he found it because before i got here he told me that the ward was good but the missionarys were dead and hadnt had a baptism in months so this last transfer was more of a redemption for him and the ward which is fine i have tended to have to do that lately. Although what was awesome is we challenged all the members to go and find one person and bring them to church to double the attendance  and if they did we would make them a big ward activity just to celebrate that we had and now things are coming true we had three members invite us over to teach somebody and 3 of them acepted a date to be baptized and 2 came to church it was amazing.

Also some sad and incredible news that makes me really excited. Number one we ended our transfers and got my comp was leaving and i am staying to train so in other words. I AM PREGNANT i am going to go meet mi HIJITO in antofagasta on wendsday i am so excited to train someone i cant even begin to describe it. I will send you all info on it next week.

well to end i really have loved all of the prayers that i really do feel that you guys sending me and my investigators do too they have really told me that they just feel acompanied all the time and it is so great keep it up.

con mucho amor
elder adams
 the first one is of my district and us all together after a sweet activity that we had with water balloons
 the second is of something amazing i found in chile it was great
 I found a hot wheels car in real life

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