Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

WOW things are just going crazy. First i just want to start of by saying that i love you all so deeply and hope and pray that you all truly feel those prayers in your days during the week.

 Also for it being Valentines day on Saturday of course we have to do the only thing that missionaries can do on a date like that and it is BAPTIZE! SO this last week we put a goal for our investigator Ingrid for the 7 of march and she said no better yet how about the 14 of February it was so awesome so we just said of course. So we are prepping for that it is going to be so cool because she is a lady who has been in her bed for 30 years and then just recently has left like 5 times in a wheel chair with tones of pains from her house only because she wants to go to church it is so amazing. I am so impressed by he power and excitement it makes me so happy. Also we have been teaching another awesome lady who is really a blessing from the members that we found her through a member and wanted to go to the temple and we just said better yet why don't you prepare to go into it one day. She said yes i want to be married in the that temple. It was amazing so we put a fecha for the 28th of February
so i am really excited for this next month and makes me really happy that my kid gets to start of with some solid baptisms in his mission.

Also a special shout out to my best friend Elder Overstreet he is such a huge example to me in my mission. Anyways I love you all so much and hope that everything goes well for this next week. 

con mucho amor
elder adams
I cooked some choclate pancakes they were super good i made alot more but ate alot and then remembered that i should take a picture.
this is a photo of us today with quite a few elders having a barbaque it was super fun we played pirates dice and a whole bunch of games it was super fun.

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