Monday, March 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

So i just want to tell everyone this week was AMAZING the reason was because we had just a ton of fun things happen and tons of people talking to us and the members helping us out.

The first thing that made me happy was we got Hna Ingrid baptized it was really one of the most incredible experiences in my life she has a great testimony and to explain how it went down. We had all these crazy plans from the beginning but in the end I made the decision that between the three of us we carried her in a plastic chair down into the font and we thought that we would just baptize her in the chair but we got down there and she just floated so we took out the chair and it was really incredible experience that i will never forget for the rest of my life. Also the coolest part about the whole thing is her mom was there and we wanted to teach them both from the beginning and she said "I will never join your church" and then at the baptism said "what do i have to do to be baptized" I just laughed and said "Dont worry we will teach you". It was really so cool.

The second was that we found a whole bunch of new investigators through the members which they brought to an activity where we thought we would just be there to share something with the members and get them excited but they just got us excited with all the new investigators and all the MEAT. They literally were cooking the meat for like an hour i have three different photos of them cooking meat it was so good.

The third is that we could really see the blessings of fasting through the members we told quite a few less actives to fast and pray to help a few of there family members and they loved it and i am so glad that it is all working out great for them so quickly.

All in all this week was super awesome and tons of success i hope you all can see that i truly enjoy your prayers so keep them coming my investigators can too!

ps : My brother Chris asked why dont i send some more scenery photos and less food and this week its almost all food hahaha but next week or the week after we are planning to go up to a place called lago chungura and it is gorgeous so i will be sending tons that week and i will let you all know. 

Con mucho amor
elder adams

This is the photo of The bishop, my comp, me, and Hna Ingrid

Here is some meat It was SO GOOD!

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