Monday, April 13, 2015

April 6, 2015

I just want to start of by truly saying im sorry that i didn't get a chance to write you guys last week and my email was really pathetic but i had minutes to write and it was between being disobedient or writing you guys and i am sorry but I have repented and accepted the lord as my Savior so has for my weeks they were great. We had some craziness go down this last week and this week have happened some pretty end of the world crap! We in arica and Iquique are the only citys in our mission that have not been washed almost away! What happened is that in this time of the year especially February Bolivia gets A LOT A LOT A LOT of rain and when we get some of those clouds on the interior of the desert it turns the dessert into a mountain slide of sand and dirt that destroys citys and villages and with that the cites Copiapò, chañaral, vallenar, and antofogasta, are pretty much destroyed with mud and dirt.

Although so everybody feels good, i am safe in Arica we have not had any problems except a strange little earthquake (6.4) at night me and my comp we woke up and watched people start to leave there apartments because we are right by the beach so if we get something big we have 10 minutes to get out of the apartment but we didn't hear the alarms and realized that it wasn't big enough to have a tsunami so we went back to sleep. All in all we are good.

Also this week we had a really cool opportunity to help out the people in the south who don't have running water so we spent Thursday filling up a giant semi truck with water jugs i have not felt so worked out since i was going to Golds gym a year and a half ago haha. Although i love the opportunities that i get to do service it makes me feel so lifted up. 

Also another thing amazing that happened this week was CONFERENCE it was so great this time i had the luck to watch all the sessions in English (except the two speakers in Spanish i went and listen to them in Spanish it sounds way better than hearing the translator) As for the talks i really cannot decide what was my favourite talk i liked almost all of them they all caught my eye in so many different forms and ways for you guys and my investigators and for me. what can I say I love general conference. Although the ones that come to my mind first are the sister that was the second to speak in the first session Saturday she finally gave the credit the father deserves not coming from another father. It really impressed me that a woman went up there and talked about that just because i have never heard it before.Also the talk of the difference between being a latter day saint and latter day quitter i liked that one a lot  Also the talk right before elder Holland spoke Sunday I started of a little mad because i wanted to hear the talk from elder Holland but then its funny how the lord slaps me in the face and says "It doesn't matter who speaks it matters what you get out of it" and a seventy spoke about the prodigal son i was truly crying hearing that talk i will never forget how i felt after that talk.

As for the work everything is good we are working really hard with a new initiative that i didn't get to announce last week that's called "He lives" we have had so many oppurtunitys to share the gospel in the street it is so awesome. I love having a little thing like this that opens peoples hearts so fast.

Well i hope you all feel a little bit better that i am not dead and am here and kickin ready to bring the gospel to everyone. I love you all and really love your PRAYERS and can feel them each and every day so keep it up. 
con mucho cariño
elder adams
this is a photo of a sweet dog that one of my less actives has from far away he attacks the fence but when you get close he just loves you. his name is 6 i have no idea why.
 i finally got around to making dianne lohners oatmeal cookies my comp absolutely adored them and i did too thanks mom also sorry i didn't get a photo of my traditional cinnamon rolls that i make for conference they came out and i completely forgot and everybody just started eating right away.
 gringo room during general conference it was so awesome

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