Monday, April 13, 2015

March 24, 2015

This week was pretty awesome and really strange things crazy went down. First of all in our apartment were living 4 elders and on Friday morning the other two elders got a call from president and told them they had to move to another sector and that in my district there would be coming in two other hermanas so that makes it 6 hermanas in my district and me and my comp are the only elders  also so now with only me and my comp in our apartment its a lot more peaceful and we can actually feel the spirit and keep it clean faster. So it was good but it just seems like we have a ton of room now haha.

That's the crazy now the good thing we had stake conference this week and we were prepping our investigator Brandon so that he could come with us but Sunday morning some crazy stuff went down with his mom and couldn't come so we ended up praying so that we could have somebody in church and i felt that we needed to call Felipe who was and old investigator who was sick last week and we gave him a blessing and he felt way better so I gave him a call and invited him thinking he was just going to deny me like normal but he said he would come and me being really prideful i thought yeah he isn't coming but i tried but when we got to the stake Oh boy the lord slapped me right in the face he was there with his kid and his mom i really almost cried it made me so happy. 

As for the funny moments well we were on our way to a house and we walked by an old investigator Pablo and he was cementing and couldn't here us say hi to him so we got close and then a splash got all over the shirt and pants of my companion it was really funny. Also we got to go to the Morro this week for P-day it was super cool it is where Chile took the north from Peru it was really interesting and pretty.

Also we had a really cool zone conference with our mission president who made taught us a lot and challenged us on a few things which makes me really determined to get out and work harder than before it was really cool. 

Anyway to end I just want to all let you know how much i truly appreciate the lord in my life and want you all to see that in your lives because things are passing that i don't think you guys realize that the lord has just prepared and done but we have not recognized. I invite you guys to REALLY PUT YOU ATTENTION in the LORD. I know he will guide you all this week and for the rest of your lives. 

Con mucho cariƱo y amor
elder adams

my comp loves cars and wanted to take a pic next to this challenger

you cant really see it that well but this is when my comp got the cement all over him haha

this is just a giant photo atop of the morro of all of arica it was super hot

me and my comp on top
 There is a super cool Jesus statue on top
 this is the sign that is on the jesus statue

It says "love one another as i have loved you"
 Alright this should have been first but this was the sign coming in with the sweet cannon and sign and the GIANT flag.

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