Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

First i am sorry i am rushing to write this email. Although this week was incredible and we found a ton of news this week through members, contacts, and actividades it was so cool. I am so happy with what is going on with our district and ward we are starting the success right back up. 

Also i had a really cool experience this week. We found a lady who has been sent through references through like 3 city's and 4 bishops and nobody has helped her yet because she has not had any food for her kids for like quite some time so we asked some members to bring some food on Sunday and they did and after we brought her to the church and she was balling her eyes out and said that because of the night before her husband finally got a job and this will last until he gets paid thank you so much. It made me really happy.

 Also this Monday was super cool we went to lago chungarĂ  it is a lake right next to a volcano close to the border of pure and Bolivia it was super cool i have a lot of photos and will send more next week but just like 1 this week.

Love you all so much have a great week

Elder Adams

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