Tuesday, May 26, 2015

April 27, 2015

Before I started this email i wanted to give a special shout out to my brother who will be getting married this next week for time and all eternity. I love you bro and hope the best for you and the family you are now starting. Also another to my brother and sister in law Chris and Rachel for there new house it is gorgeous and I know it will be a good place where my nieces and nephew are going to grow up well in so it makes me so happy.

Well as for this week things were super fun. As you all know i am know back in antofagasta but this time I am in a trio with elder Jara and elder scott. Elder jara is chilean from santiago he is super cool and he is like the classic chilean gangster (flite in chilean) he was such a baller before the mission and gave it all up for the mission he is super powerful with his testimony. elder scott reminds me so much of the classic nerd at blackfire playing magic, pokemon, or league of legends and we get along great they are both so cool and we are really excited about everything thats going down right now. Also the ward is super cool the sector is Antofogasta Centro so its like all of the main part of the city its ginormous and super fun. The ward as tons of potenial and i am pumped to get some serious saving of souls here haha.

As for everything else this week went great we had a ton of new investigators in church and a family that has a date for the 16th of may and they are both going to be baptized without a doubt. Also we have a colombian family who came and loved it and they are a for sure too we just need to get there parents to get married but they want it so it will be awesome. Also another family who loves the church and wants to hear more but they have a lot of problems so we are just waiting to be sure that they are ready to take that next step. Although i am so excited for it all they are so cool and ready.

With everything that is happening right now i am happy as could be and am so excited about everything here. So as of course when things are good help others and when there bad give a little more. So i will be sure to do everything I can to pray and send blessings all your ways.

Con mucho CariƱo
elder Adams
this is a photo of a family that I left in arica who are super cool that said goodbye to me in the bus terminal

this is a photo of the child of the family that will be baptized in this next month (sorry but he wont be baptized yet he has to wait a little while)

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