Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 11, 2015

First i want to say that it was so awesome that i got to see you all again and it was great to hear how good the family is doing and that you lucky punks got to see Avengers 2 in theatres. haha nah but my comp is pretty jealous and wants to buy a suit from Hayden of iron man. Also shout out to sterling and Jessica for there return from there honeymoon and that i love you guys so much.

As for my week it was super fun we got to have quite a few activity's during the week because it was stake conference they had a brilliant idea they had an activity every day to get everybody excited about the work and so they would come to church to stake conference and not think about it like ugh stake conference. With more excitement and happiness. Also like I mentioned we have a baptism this week that i am pretty excited for and they are so cool so this next week i will be sending out photos of that to you guys. Also on Thursday we had a counsel of all the zone leaders of the mission come and took the day to think and talk about what we could do to be better it was super awesome and made me super happy to see a lot of my buddy's from the mission. Although the rest of the week was normal.

I love you all so much and especially i want to give a special shout out to all those moms out there, that not only yesterday should be yours it should be everyday. Lots of love and prayers.

elder adams
the first one is an area that actually has green its really sad that that's the green here.
 the second is one of the games we did for our activity was shoot down the cups with elastics we thought they would do it super fast but it turns out Chileans have a problem shooting elastics haha
 the third is another but this time they had to play soccer tied to another person

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