Tuesday, May 26, 2015

April 20, 2015

this week is crazy i got some cool and sad news. I got cambios and i am going to ..............................
............ANTOFAGASTA AGAIN BUT THIS TIME AS A ZONE LEADER! I am a little scared and really excited because i know the lord will prepare me and is preparing me right now. Although the other thing is that i am not any better than any other elder i really did learn a lot about TITLES in conference these past weeks. I really now the lord prepares us in many forms.

As for everything we are super good i am really sad because we just started getting things really going here like last week we had 30 news i was really excited for those baptisms but i just needed to prepare them for the new elder here they are prepared for him. Also it was really hard because i have to leave a ward that is amazing and i will never be able to forget and will be people i will come back and see again.

Sorry this is kind of short but I leave tonight in two hours down to Antofagasta for a 10 hour bus ride so its a blessing that i got to write you guys before but i love you all so much and wish the best for you guys. Remember that you all need to PRAY, AND STUDY what the lord wants for you and that includes Reading, watching videos, and more than anything think about the cliche phrase "what would Jesus do" I love you all so much. I hope you have a good week.

elder adams
this is a photo of a crazy fire that went down close to our apartment thank goodness it wasn't ours.
 this is hna Ingrid my convert she and is so awesome and will miss her and her family a lot

this is a photo of an asado (barbeque) that a family gave to us because i was leaving it was so awesome this ward for the last week I ate like king faruk because they all knew i was leaving but today topped it all off.

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