Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

So to start I have to explain what happened to our sector in this ward we had 2 sister missionaries, and my comps and me. So we got a call on saturday and it just so happens that everyone is leaving except for me! It was really sad I really wanted to stay with my old comps but they are both going to arica almost where I was just at, they are going to love it. Who is coming? two new elders to open the sector of the hermanas and my comp elder Natai he is my first comp from UTAH! he is super cool he has the same time as me in the mission and he is like the most laid back relaxed guy ever. Also the other two elders one of them was my comp in Taltal he is super cool his name is elder Cabrera. So all in all things are great and i am really excited.

Although This week was super crazy so to just start off I have to explain that we totally knew that my comp elder jara was leaving but we were not sure if elder scott was going so the whole week basically we were saying goodbyes to everybody and I got really bored of that so I started going on divisons with members and it was incredible. So when we got the calls we heard that both the sisters and my two comps were leaving the sector and would be coming in two new elders and my new comp after that I decided I wanted to get to know the sisters sector before everything goes down so we went on sunday and it was probably one of the most powerful experiences I have had on the mission. We got a call from an ex investigator from the area of the sisters and he tells me last night he got stabbed and they went to the hospital and sealed him up but the dad called us balling cause the son fell asleep after the whole thing and didnt wake up but his heart was beating so he was still there but just in a slight coma so we went over and the dad asked us for a blessing and we did it and right after he woke up and said Thanks. It was Incredible and after that they were like incredibly receptive and the dad who apparently was like super hard to get to is now super receptive and wants to hear more it is super cool.

Anyways great week and I am really excited for this week we have a counsel with president and all the zone leaders on thursday and it is going to be super cool. Anyways love you all a ton and hope you guys have a great week.

elder adams

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