Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

I just want to start of by saying when i opened the emails today i did not think i would get huge news, but now I am absoulutly blown out of my seat. My brother sterling got engaged! Congrats bro I am so happy for the both of you. 

This week was really interesting because at the beginning we thought we had tons to do for the branch but by the end we had too much to do and teach and plan for the upcoming weeks and months. That we were racing to try and fit it all into the schedule. That were feeling the pain after when we look at our numbers for the week, and see we didnt do as well as we wanted and set our goals for. Although the thing is that i have learned is the true meaning behind those goals and that numbers dont really matter.

Why do we set goals and have numbers? At the beginning of my mission i thought it was just kind of something extra that we had to do so we could keep track of how are investigators are doing and how well were doing as missionarys, wich it is but there is so much more to it. Without those goals this week i gauarentee we would have just put all the time into the branch and not gotten anything done but really its so we can have ourselves allways pushed to the limits and trying our best to find, teach, and baptize every person we can.

Which also reminds me of our ONE truly progressing investigator he had a date set for the Second of agosto but now he is leaving to santiago at the end of the month so this week we are going to have a baptism! He is so ready i am so excited for him but it makes me really want to find some solid new investigators too so some of our big goals are finding news this week.

I hope all of you around the world are feeling my prayers and the blessings from it. I love you all and am excited to see if you guys can top the news this coming week in my inbox haha. 

Con mucho amor de un misionero, primero consejero, rama secretario en un chiquito rama llamada Taltal en la costa de norte de chile

elder adams

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