Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 14, 2014

Wow it is crazy to read everyones letters from missions all around the world and realize how many different experiences everyones having its so great. Anyway for my week this week was quite interesting trying to help teach the new branch president about all the dutys and things we do throughout the week not just on sunday. Also i got to give a talk, teach a lesson, and print out tons of paperwork for all the stuff for the branch sunday i was swamped with work but yet i had fun. That is one thing that i have learned very quickly and makes me laugh that i am allway tired, hungry, and happy.

SO this week we had some preety fun times on this last monday because i got to meet all the new people from our zone and we played apples to apples it was so much fun. Also on saturday we had a huge activity for the youth and we went to the beach and played rugby i taught everyone how to play and i had a blast then we played a weird game that the young womens leader made that is a mix between steal the flag and dogeball it was preety fun too but i was just really happy to play rugby again. (even if it was with a whole bunch of 14 year olds who are not very good still a blast)

Also the world cup with alemania winning the whole thing it was a really good game we got to watch the end of it in the plaza where a whole bunch of people were watching it. Also we found a few people that totally thought we were from alemania so everybody just congrajulated(i dont remember how to spell this word) us about the win.

The work was really good we found a few new investigators and some old meno activos that we have been working really hard to come back and we think this sunday we will get them to come. We are super excited about it.

Anyway to end i want to send a shoutout to my big brother Kendrick and wish him a happy birthday this thursday and wish you the best and hope you go take the day and pamper yourself a little haha love you bro. Also i love you all and want to remind you that you are all in my prayers every week.

elder adams

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