Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 7, 2014

This week i dont have a ton of time to give a normal report on the week but, I just want to say this was really good for la obra misional. We had a huge activity on the fourth and third of july (haha fourth of july). They had this special weekend for taltal and people set up stands and sold products and such and we set one up and had the missionarys and the members, a tv brodcasting mormon messages, and giving out folletos and contacting refrences it was so great we are swamped with refrences and so excited about the possibiltiy of some news it was the perfect thing we needed in our sectors right now.
Also we had a huge change in the branch. Our branch president who has been the branch president for 16 years got released on sunday and called a man who has been in a presidency in peru before but is unsure about the calling cause his job might take him to santiago or to iquique but he is fully equiped and it is really good for the branch our old branch pres needed a brake he is now the young mens leader (not a huge brake hahah).

Also i am in chaƱaral right now for zone meetings and I got my package from my mom first thing recieved in the mission it was preety great. Anyway love you all so much and hope you all feel my prayers for each and everyone of you.

con mucho amor
elder adams

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