Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 30, 2014

WOW this week was quite interesting to say the least. Thanks to alot of different reasons it was probably one of the harder weeks of my mission. I am so glad that i had today to just kind of rekoop and get ready to have a great week ahead.
So this week was a struggle for number 1 we have almost no investigators and were struggling to find news. We have started a book of mormon gift program for the members where they are supposed to find one good friend and pass our number and a book of mormon and then pass us the number and we just started it this last friday so we havent gotten anything yet but were hoping for some good from it. 

We lost to brasil in the world cup and there was so much depression from people in the town we didnt get into a single house the whole night it was like chile just went and crawled into their bed and cried it was so sad. Also we spent the last hour of the night cleaning out the secretary office for the chapel cause it really needed to be done anyway.

We had cambios this weekend and........ i am not going anywhere yeah! neither is my comp but every single companionship in the zone is being changed so its preety weird. This next week will be zone meeting so it will be weird.

Also last but not the least probably the worst thing i got ROBBED by some kids probably but this is a long story so be prepared. We were at a members house painting there door and bars on the windows when we go in to wash our hands for like less than a minute we come out and our bags were gone (totally all our fault and i feel so dumb because of it). And so we ran around trying to find them and didnt find anyone or anything and we asked around and got the carabineros involved because they had everything they had all the keys to the church, the house key, my scriptures, camera, and wallet. It was horrible Although then immediatly after i was freaking out and my comp tells me "lets pray" i cannot believe i was so worried and freaking out i forgot to ask my father in heaven for help so we did and walked down to the ciber nearby and emailed our parents and the office and canceled our cards then we go to the church to go teach english and there was a man there who said he found our bags thrown in the dirt outside his house they had scriptures and invitations to english class and so he came down to return them i couldnt believe it. Although whoever stole them and threw them in front of this mans house took all my money, my camera with all my photos of the mission and the chapel keys. The rest was still in the bag my wallet with all my cards and identification which sucks cause its all canceled now anyway. But i got some of it back so it has really been hard and we are still trying to figure it out.

I love you all and pray for you. Keep doing your best to follow the lords errand and i know he will bless you i have seen so many blessings this week even though there was alot of hard times just remember to allways look to the good and forget the bad and Keep moving forward

elder adams

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