Monday, August 25, 2014

July 28, 2014

Note a ton to post this week cause i spent alot of the time answering emails i havent touched in awhilel. Although this week was great cause we got a baptism! His name is camilo and he is such a baller he is like my first real investigator who has read the book of mormon. Thats right READ the whole thing not just read it a few times. He is so awesome i was a little worried because he had aton of problems and was going to be the only member in his family but, i think he will be fine.

The work is coming still struggling to find new investigators but, we are allways pushing. Also we have done some really fun stuff with the new My family pamflets and those are cool to get people excited about going to do temple names. 

I just want to let everybody know i love you and pray for you.

elder adams

the picture is of my new convert and his mom. I wish i had more pics to send but, since i got my camera stolen and havent had money to buy a camera i wont have pictures for a couple more emails after that i should have one.

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