Monday, August 25, 2014

August 18, 2014

Alright so for this week there is alot to say and i actually have some time to get it all out. So for those of you who didnt read my email last week I am still in taltal Livin life to the fullest. I am here with my new companion elder cabrera he is super awesome. He has only been a member for a little over a year after his year mark he came out to the mission. He is has one of the strongest hearts and testimonies i think i have met in the mission. He came to the mission field at the same time as me but has one cambio less than me. (because he only has two weeks in the mtc and i had 6.) He is super cool.

One other thing this week that has been really fun of the new people in my district there is a brand new hermana in my district she doesnt know hardly any spanish and she is with a latina who doesnt know any english. Its preety great helping them communicate cause it also kind of reminds me of all the time i have spent trying to understand the conversations and words people are saying throughout out the day. Although through the time i have´nt realized how much i have really picked up. Its a really good feeling.

As for this weeks work with the missionary work was really hard. We hardly had anytime all week because our young womens president had planned a huge youth conference and we are the young mens presidents so we had to be there basically all week but what was so great is we got to take the last day and go out with all the young men and women and be missionarys for a day. They got up at 7, studied, left to contact, came back and ate, studied english (haha i helped them it was super fun), worked again, and then we had a testimony meeting at the end alot of the young men at the beginning thought it was super dumb but now are super excited about all of it and are thinking about serving missions. Also we got a whole bunch of new contacts thanks to them so i am really excited about that.

Anyway i hope all is well it sounds like everyone is preety bumbed about going back to the school part and excited about the social aspect as usual. Although not to worry summer will be back sooner than you know it. I still cant belive the month right now i still feel like i am in january time is just flying by. Anyway i love you all so much and you are allways thought of and prayed for.

con mucho amor
elder adams

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