Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

So this week was really fun! It was crazy we had to do tons almost everyday. So lets get started with this last tuesday.

We had to do seminary because the hermanas normally do it but they traveled to chaƱaral for the day to do visa stuff for the new gringa also i had to plan my first district meeting. It was really good we made brownies as the activity and each ingredient was one of the scriptures they had to search it was a really fun day.

Then Wendsday we finished contacting some of the people we found with all of the jovenes this last week and we met the first convert in all of taltal obviously he is inactive but me and my comp have been working really hard with him and his family they are so great. It is so cool to see some of the photos of the elders from the 80`s wow weird.

Thursday it was preety normal we met with some of our new investigators and had lunch with this peruvian family who makes the best Aji (it is basically hot sauce from peru) ever i even had her make some special for me to take back to the penchant and use for my meals.

Friday started out horrible i found a giant spider next to my bed scared the crap out of me but then the rest of the day was good. We had to teach seminary and english class it was my first week teaching english it was really funny and actually is one of the best ways i have found to practice my spanish.

Saturday was amazing we planned in district meeting to do a activity in the plaza to find news and we decided to put up a stand that says "free doughnuts" (roscas gratis) so that morning i made 150 doughnuts to give out and tons of pamflets and cards it was great we met so many new people.

Then sunday the top of it all the majority of the people we met in the plaza were in church the next day it was so great we had 14 investigators in church and 51 people in church that is great for this little branch and truly a miracle.

well i love you all so much and sounds like everyone is doing really good i hope everything continues to be good i will be sure to keep the prayers up.

con mucho amor
elder adams
 the first one is of all of the doughnuts we made to give out on the activity.

the second is of the spider i found next to my bed of friday and if any of you know me i jumped out of my bed so fetching fast!

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