Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

This week was quite an interesting one. It was really fun but when we came to the end of the week we were able to see that we did almost everything we could to have what we got.

 We had by the end almost no lessons with investigators but a ton of less actives and recent converts but the reason for that is because we had to travel to Chañaral again on this last monday until tuesday and got a little work done then we traveled to antofogasta on wendsday for the dentist again but the good news about the whole thing is that i saw a miracle and a half where my papito showed up in the terminal at Turbus Elder Butler it was so awesome to see him again and catch up on how things are in the mission. Then we went back to tal tal late! Went to bed and Worked our cans of Thursday and Friday and on Saturday we had a super cool Carnaval (Water fight) in the grounds of the church for all the jovenes i have phots but they are in the church and forgot to take them off so i think i will send them next week. Then sunday we had some cool new investigators in there that are chinese and they are so dope one speak three languages and the other two (spanish, chinese, and english) it is super cool.

Also this week was super fun because we went Fishing TWICE it was so dope because in chañaral we went with the president of the branch over there for a few hours before our bus left and then today we did it solo here and we caught all together 5 fish it was super cool.

Anyway i love you all so much and hope you have a good week  and remember not to worry because the lord will watch over you and protect you because you are allways in my prayers.

elder adams
 the first one is of the president in Chañaral showing off

the second one is the two fish me and my comp caught

 the third is of my comp completely snoring on the bus to antofogasta. People kept telling me to poke him or something haha
 the fourth one is of my plaque on the coast

 the fifth is of my comp and the fish we got today. Also the one closest to him was massive like the size of my calf.

the sixth is of the beautiful chilean coast.

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