Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

Well to be honest this week was really crazy because we had tons of stuff to do and take care of but the big key points of the week are...

On Wednesday we had our interviews with our president of the mission and he basically told me a lot of cool things but two big ones. One that i will be going home the 29th of December and get to salt lake on the 30th so all y'all who have been asking me when i will be getting home i will be getting home the 30th. Second he told me that i was going to get transferred and that i was finish my mission in...........a great place that i don't the desert...........and kind of by the coast...............that i have heard many good things about.......THAT IS.....................................
.......................................(pause for effect)...............................................
......................................ALTOHOSPICIO................................................YEAH AHAHYEAH EHAY YEAH EYA EHAY DH EHYA EY DHAY HEYAH 

Hahah no but yeah i am super excited its a place just outside of iquique because iquique like a big dome and we are at the top of the dome. I have heard my whole mission about it that's its super cheap, tons of dogs, funny people, and all good. So i am so excited to go there and not to mention i will be doing something i have not done before KILLING AN ELDER! Well his name is elder Rodriguez he is super cool i know him a little he served in the mission office for a time so i am excited to really get to know him also i am staying as a zone leader so that will be cool and i am excited to meet my new zone.

Then after the interviews I went and had exchanges with the assistants they are super cool. I learned a ton and we were able to find a ton in there sector it was super fun.

Then as the week went on i was saying goodbye to all my converts and friends from the ward so that was hard but there things have to pass with missionary's but it makes it hard because sometimes you leave part of your heart in your sectors so right now i am almost without a heart haha. Although i always like to say "changes are always good" 

Also quite a few good friends in the mission are finishing today and one of the elders in our apartment finished today and we took him to the mission office it was super fun and hard to say good bye to him "REST IN PEACE"

All in all great week and i am super pumped for all the things i  have waiting for me in Alto hospicio and hope you all enjoy your next couple weeks getting back into the whole school thing again haha.

con mucho amor
elder adams

this is a photo of one of my good buds here in Antofagasta Oscar and is wife cindy, she is from idaho and oscar is from Antofagasta they are super cool
 This is the photo of my mamita and papito and the family they are people i will never ever forget and they have a big part in my heart.
this is the family of our other mamita who live next door they are so awesome and always gave us so much love and food they were super awesome.
 this is a photo of the four of us with our mamita eating with them before I leave and for elder ruanos send off.
this was a delicious sea food barbaque we had together with our papito and it was AMAZING
Quite a few good friends finished there missions today but i had the great opportunity to send off this fool. So i got to put the "Rest in Peace"

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