Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 20, 2015

Well I am so sorry I dont have much time today but we had a lot of things to do today. Although so you all know this week was really fun we got to see elder Zeballos on thursday and we had two extra elders stay in our pension that night and it was super fun because they are both from my group that goes home with me so we got to catch up on a ton of what has happened on the mission.

Also not to mention this week I spent so much time in Turbus (its a bus terminal) that in the end I got to know a guy that is super cool who ended up liking what we as members do and the church and wanted to listen to us so knowing how cool he is we went and talked for a while and he gave me something that I have wanted since the beginning of the mission a Turbus TIE!!! It is one of the knew ones it is sweet.

All in all great week I cant not believe how great the lord is blessing us in our sector we had some great blessings going out with members this week in fact we went out 3 times with different members and those were incredible growing days for us and for me personally it was a great week and can tell you all in all had a great week.

con mucho amor
elder adams

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