Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 27, 2015

Well first i just want to say how weird it is to think that my parents told me that courtny hair who gave her talk with me when i left and dustin watkins a good bud of mine just got home from there missions makes me feel really old in the mission UGH. Quite strange how fast things go by. Also it sounds like everybody really loved there 24th of July weekend HONESTLY I totally forgot that it was this last weekend it just hit me wow weird.

Although has for this week it was kind of good at the beginning and then got lame and then good again. Haha well the reason why is that at the beginning of the week we had been a little down about a few things with the members and then we passed by a few people and found out that they had been sick the last weekend and couldn't go to church and that was it they were super ready to go this week. Also we had  a meeting with our bishop who is just awesome he just totally knows how to get you excited about the work and get on it now! so that was the first part of the week then near the end i got pretty sick i was throwing up all night i slept for like an hour and then we called the mission nurse and she said to stay in that day but once i got my sleep back i said forget this i cant stay in the house any longer i will lose it so we left and nobody answered so i was a little bumbed out but then the next day we go out and find a few old investigators that wanted to meet with us so it was going with ups and downs all week really like a roller coaster.

Sorry that i don't have any photos this week but i will be sure to send some new ones next week. Also i hope you all enjoy the week i feel like this week is going to be really good for us and i am really excited about it.

con mucho cariƱo 
elder adams

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